March favourites.

I'm sure you all know what a favourites blog post is so I won't go into detail. I'll be doing one each month, with a couple of sentences explaining why each product made my favourites. I will attempt to keep it to roughly five products, and will provide links to any reviews I have previously written at the end of the post. So to this months favourites:

1) Clinique All About Shadow 8-pan Palette- As you'll have seen in my last post this was a birthday present. I have been using it everyday since receiving, particularly enjoying the black honey shade to define my eye. It is a great neutral palette, with not only a brilliant range of base shades but shades perfect for both a day and an evening look.

2) Origins Drink Up intensive mask- I love this product and use it probably way too often. It immediately brightens my complexion, and provides amazing results overnight. My skin awakens replenished and feels lovely and moisturised.

3) Bourjois Paris cream blush in shade 02- I love how easy this product is to apply to the face, and the way it provides a subtle glow. This shade is a coral peach colour, perfect as the sun is trying to peak its way out.

4) Clinque Superprimer in shade colour corrects redness- I use this primer if I'm wearing a foundation or my Rimmel BB cream. I love the way you can instantly see your skin appear smoother, and the fact you can notice the redness counteracted. The product lasts all day helping foundation stay, and stopping any redness from peeping through.

5) Bourjois Paris 123 perfect CC cream- This has been one of my favourite bases throughout March, and my go to for the whole of the latter of the month alone. It instantly provides results using the three different colour pigments. It instantly awakens and helps perfect my skin.

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Birthday treats.

Nearly two weeks ago now it was my birthday and I received a few items that I've wanted for a while now and had to share with you.

The first is the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. This is a book I am sure a lot of you have heard of, and I have wanted for sometime now. It provides hints, tips and tutorials to anyone interested in makeup at all kinds of levels, from beginners to makeup artists, you're covered. I wanted it for two main reasons; one being I love Bobbi's beliefs "makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident", and two being all the tutorials.

The second is the Clinique All About Shadow 8-pan Palette from the 16 shades of beige collection. Again this is something I had wanted for a while, but couldn't quite justify the purchase. I will be providing a full review so I am just going to state a few quick points. Yes, it is another neutral palette but the colours are different to anything I've got, and less shimmery than some of the shades in my Urban Decay Naked palette. The colours provide good colour pay-off, and also have very good lasting power. There is a colour for every occasion in this palette.

The last item is an Essie nail polish in the shade Sunday Funday. This was a shade I asked for out of pure randomness, but I am so glad I did. It is a coral pink colour with the tiniest amount of glitter providing a slight sparkle. As always with any Essie nail polishes I've tried the formula is brilliant, with an easy to use brush and is long-lasting. I may not have that many yet, but I definitely think Essie is becoming my favourite brand for nail polish.

Essie Sunday Funday... I apologise for the atrocious nail painting, this was straight after painting before I neatened them up, but does show the colour :)

The miracle mask - Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask

Yes, I have made a bold statement with the title of this blog post but this is one overnight mask that I was impressed with from day one.

The best way I would describe the product is as an intensive moisturiser to be used roughly twice a week alongisde your normal skincare routine. It is a thick cream that you lather onto your face after cleansing and toning etc. Overnight it is designed to "quench compromised skin with deeply satisfying moisture. Skin awakens refreshed, replenished, ready to face the day."

So what do I think? Well, from the title I'm sure you can assume I am impressed by the product. After applying I notice immediate results with my skin appearing brighter, and feeling moisturised. After sleeping, this result is enhanced. I do feel my skins thirst has been quenched, and my skin is ready to face the day.

My only problem is the product is addictive, I tend to use it every other day most of the time. I haven't found a night moisturiser I've loved yet so this probably doesn't help.

But yes, definitely give this a go if you haven't already. It is my miracle mask.


I always find empties posts a good read. In my opinion, for a product to reach the end it must have been good or it would still be sitting on the side. So, here's my first empties post with empties from the last month or so.

First up is Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturiser. I actually received this as a Christmas present in a gift set alongside a few other Origins products. The size I had was a 30ml and lasted me about two months, so the price is definitely worth it. As to the actual product, it claims that "lacklustre-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalised to create a healthy, vibrant glow." After using the product my skin does feel instantly refreshed and brightened, but also moisturised. The cream is relatively light-weight, something I always want from my day cream. The bonus of this product is it also smells gorgeous, like fresh oranges - a perfect lift-me-up in the morning.

Next is the Rimmel wake me up concealer. I'm always on the lookout for a good concealer and this one attracted me for it's wake me up properties so to speak. It claims to have an "anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow." I believe this product does indeed brighten my eyes up, and provide a radiant glow. However, it doesn't seem to cover my black circles entirely unfortunately.

L'Oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution. Micellar solutions have become a bigger thing over the last year or so, with more becoming available and heard of rather than just Bioderma. I found this product to effectively move the majority of my makeup besides eyes, so I have been using an additional product alongside. It is a great simple product that does its job effectively. If you are someone who tends to use face wipes, this is a nice easy swapover, and probably a tad more hygenic.

Garnier skin naturals fresh essentials refreshing toner. I just want to state that this has been my favourite toner over the last six months or so, and I am gutted to see they have changed the formula with different extracts. This one is enriched with grape extracts, and is lovely and refreshing on the skin. It helps instsantly brighten and tone, whilst getting rid of any excess dirt left behind after the first stage of your skincare routine.

Benefit it's potent! eye cream. I purchased a samples set of the majority of the Benefit skincare range a while back, and this was one product I was really excited to try. It states it's a "brightening eye cream to fade dark circles." The cream definitely brightens the eye area, but I wouldn't say it necessarily helps fade dark circles. It doesn't seem to do anything more than any other eye creams I have tried. However, I am still tempted to purchase the larger size as it takes 28 days in most skincare routines to see results, so that must say something about the product.

I hope you have enjoyed my first empties post, have a good evening :).

Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream re-review

I posted about the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream the other week unsure of the results the product was giving. I was using a primer due to similar products needing a primer to last longer than a couple of hours. I have since been experimenting using the product on it's own, and have actually been amazed by the results so had to post.

The product uses three different colour pigments to produce colour-correcting results. These include: apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness and white for anti-dark spots.

Now, what did I find? After application my skin is immediately awoken, with any signs of redness hidden. I can't comment on the dark-spots as I don't really have any for the product to reduce. My skin has a semi-dewy finish, which really brightens up my complexion. The base also seems to last all day, from about half 7 in the morning for a good 12 hours before needing topping up. As to the 24 hour hydration it claims, this would be impressive but I don't ever wear my makeup for 24 hours so have no idea of results. The CC cream also contains an SPF, great for the sun thatis finally starting to pop out.

Definitely a CC cream to try if you're looking for a nice light base, with extra colour correcting properties. I am definitely considering purchasing its counterpart, the CC eye cream.

Where to contour? What goes wear?

It's easy to say contouring helps create shadows on the face, and highlight certain features but where do you start? This is something I myself have only properly grasped recently. I have contoured for a while, but just wasn't sure if I was contouring in the right places so I thought a perfect post would be on this to help you guys. Below is a picture with colour coded markings that I'm going to be talking through:

The orange marking is for blush, pink is for highlighting and purple is for bronzing.

My two top tips would be:
1) Remember little product is always more, you can always build up product/colour but it is harder to tone down without starting again.
2) Make sure you've got the correct tools, tools you yourself are comfortable using.

To start with I would suggest applying the colour, the blush. This goes in the apples of your cheeks, the centre that pops out. 

Following this I then highlight my face. Highlighting does exactly what it sounds like, it highlights certain features of your face that you want to stand out. This is normally applied just below your brow bone, along the middle of your nose, above your blush along the top of your cheek bone, and on your cupid's bow.

Lastly I bronze my face using bronzing powder. This is the product that creates shadows on your face, helping the overall contouring and defining of features. The best way to apply this I would say is in an exaggerated number three on the left hand side, and a backwards three on the opposite side. In short, it goes along the side of your face, and just below your cheekbone.

That is all there is to the art of basic contouring, it really is that simple, I hope it helps some of you :).

The mask I brought purely because it was chocolate orange....

I am a lover of Terry's chocolate orange, so when I eyed up the Montagne Jeunesse cocoa & orange mask I instantly made the purchase. I like to at least attempt to try and give myself a weekly treat of one of the masks from my collection. This weeks one was the Montagne Jeunesse's chocolate orange one.

The mask itself did actually remind me of melted chocolate. It comes out as a gloopy dark brown liquid.

As to applying the liquid spreads easily allowing an easy application to the face. I used my fingers, but another method would be with a foundation brush. You are then advised to leave the product on for 10-15 minutes. The mask doesn't set onto the face which is something I suprisingly liked. It helps make removing the mask a tad easier. (No attack-rubbing on the skin to remove).

Does it work? I used this mask as more of a treat than for a particular purpose. But having said that, after using my face felt thoroughly cleansed and was lovely and smooth. If you enjoy treating yourself to a mask and love chocolate oranges this is a lovely mask that I suggest you try.

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been my birthday so been a bit busy but posts will be a regular thing from now on. My next post will be up on Thursday based on where to contour? Pop by and have a read, especially if this is something you have always been a bit unsure on.

Payday impulse buys!

I thought I'd start off my blog with a payday impulse buy post. We all love payday, and these are the items that were just asking for me to purchase immediately.

(L-R Bourjois Paris cream blush, Bourjois Paris color boost, L'Oreal wave creating spray, L'oreal volume supersizing spray, Bourjois Paris bronzing powder, Rimmel London BB cream matte, and Bourjois Paris 123 perfect CC cream)

Bourjois Paris cream blush in shade 02
I have been using Bourjois cream blush in the shade 03 for the last year or so, and found the formula to be amazing so had to purchase another colour. These cream blushes are very easy to work with. Product easily picks up easily onto a brush (my favourite choice being a stippling brush). They then blend nicely into the skin, translating into a nice little glow of colour so to speak. The 02 shade is a coral colour, perfect for the Sping/Summer seasons.

Bourjois Paris color boost in shade 05 Red Island
Twistable lip pencils have been becoming more and more popular, and can be found in many brands. I have always wanted to try the Bourjois Paris color boosts, so payday was a the perfect chance, of course alongside a good old Boots 3 for 2. I have the shade 05 Red Island. The product is described as a "glossy finish lipstick", with 10 hour stay power and SPF 15. The finish is most definitely glossy, but also very moisturising to the lips, always a great thing to find in a lip product. As to the ten hour stay, I'm not sure I can say the colour lasts this long. However, it did last about 4-5 hours, even with eating and drinking, before needing a top-up. I am impressed with this product, and will definitely consider purchasing some other colours; my eyes are on you Orange Punch.

L'Oreal wave creating spray
I have to admit I haven't actually tested this product yet, it was a pure impulse buy on the spot. The product is part of L'Oreals new studio line, and is described as a "wave creating spray". It states "heat activates waves on straight hair." I have fine, relatively flat hair so this instantly appealed to me, but will the product live up to its aims? I shall have to let you know shortly.

L'Oreal volume supersizing spray
The first thing I have to comment on is oh my god this product smells gorgeous, which is completely unexpected. I have only used the product briefly so this is only my initial views. The product is again part of L'Oreals new studio line; it states it "gives backcombed volume & instant matt texture." When using it I have found it instantly provides volume as described, providing my hair with a great uplift. The disappointing part was I didn't find the product to last all day. As I said this is only an initial opinion so I will continue using and experimenting, perhaps try setting it with hairspray.

Bourjois Paris bronzing powder in shade 51
This made my purchases for the main reason that I wanted a matte bronzer. It also has a resemblance to a chocolate bar, what more could a girl want? I have it in the lighter of the two shades available: 51. It is the perfect shade to help contour my face in a subtle manner, whilst still defining certain features of my face. The formula easily picks up onto my brush, and has good staying power. I have been wearing it everyday since purchase, and by the time the evening comes the bronzer is still visible.

Rimmel London BB cream matte in shade light
Rimmel London BB cream matte is a 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup that claims to 1)minimise the appearance of pores 2)even skin tone 3)mattify 4)control shine all day 5)smooth 6)soothe 7)conceal dark circles 8)help prevent blemishes and 9)give all-day coverage. That is a lot of promise from one bottle, however I have been impressed by the product, much more than I was expecting. The cream is a light product that instantly sinks into the skin, and does seem to present these promises on the skin. The coverage may be light, but it does cover unwanted blemishes and last all-day. The only promise it doesn't fully show is covering my black circles fully, but then they are naturally quite bad annoyingly so I just add a little bit of concealer on top. As to lasting power, on a 12 hr day I unfortunately didn't find the product to last a day. However, with the simple addition of my primer the product does and all the promises are fulfilled amazingly. It also contains SPF 15, perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons. This has been my go-to base since purchasing, and if you're looking for a BB cream I definitely suggest you try this.

Bourjois Paris 123 perfect CC cream in shade 31 Ivory
CC creams are a much newer product to the beauty market, with CC generally standing for colour correction. Bourjois CC promises a "luminous complexion & smooth skin" and 24hr hyrdation, with the addition of different colour pigments to help colour correct the skin. This includes apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness, and white for anti-dark spots. It also contains SPF 15. I have always loved Bourjois bases, so when I heard about this I had to have it in my beauty stash. Saying that, so far it hasn't impressed me as much I imagined. Whilst I know it's supposed to be light coverage, I didn't find it to cover any blemishes at all really, nor did I find the base to last all day. However, I did try the base over a primer, so think I will carry on giving the product ago with and without a primer. I will let you know if I notice any improvements.

(From L-R Bourjois Paris cream blush in 02, Bourjois Paris color boost in shade 05 Red Island and Bourjois Paris bronzing powder in shade 51)


Hi everyone, just thought I'd do a quick post introducing myself. I'm Kristy, a 21 year old beauty addict. A few facts about me:
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  • And, a fun one: I can get upside down on a pole
So as I have said, I have always had a love for beauty products, but my list is becoming never-ending of products I want to try. I enjoy reading all of your blogs and is something I want to do myself, so here goes. My first blog post will be up in an hour, hope you enjoy :). -Kristy


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