Christmas beauty wishlist!

  It's getting closer to Christmas apparently so I thought it was about time I did a Christmas beauty wishlist. These items are a mix of some of my favourite products I've spotted this Christmas with a few I've lusted after for a while now.
1. Clarins lip collection £19.50 
How cute is this little giftset? Two of the Clarins lip perfectors, a cute dainty lipgloss and lipstick - what more could a girl want? It is also such a bargain price.
 2. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir EDP 30ml £39.50
This has to be one of my favourite perfumes of all time - I purchased it last Christmas sale and have been out of it for a while, well besides one more spray I'm refusing to use haha. I would love another one of these to add to my perfume collection. Plus, being an EDP I find the smell lasts all day :).
3. NARS bronzer in Laguna £27.00
Another product I've had before but used it all up, and have been meaning to replace for a while now. I think it's one of those bronzers that is the perfect colour for many people, and the fact it is matte is an added bonus making it the perfect contour colour.
4. NARS lip pencils Christmas set £32.00
I have wanted to try one of NARS' lip pencils for a long time now, then spotted this set of miniscule lip crayons and literally my mouth just dropped. What a perfect and bargainous present for any girl.
5. Nars Virtual Domination Palette £45.00
 Oh my god, don't you just love the packaging of this Christmas wonder? I saw it and fell in love haha. 3 blushes, 1 highlighter and of course Laguna. I think I would die if I recieved this, no exaggeration... honest.
 6. Laura Mercier bath and body duet £35.00
I remember seeing these in the sale last year, but just missed out whilst I was deciding. They look so luxurious every year and the honey bubble bath twirler is just so cool.

7. Clinique Wear Everywhere Eyeshadow Octet in Kawaii Rose £32.00
I spotted these in an email the other day and fell in love with the colours. A purple palette for a girl who loves purple. I think this is a unique set and of the 5 special editions released online, there's gotta be a palette for every girl.
8. Guerlain Metorite Pearls in light £37.50
 Another product I've been lusting over for a while now but just can't justify the price to buy it myself. They are gorgeous pearls used to set your makeup, and create a glow on the face. There are also yellow pearls to help conceal and keep concealed any redness. 
9. Mark Hill professional zebra wicked hair waver £29.99
Lastly is the Mark Hill zebra wicked hair waver curlers; I've never been able to really curl my hair but have the idea that these ones will be easier to use. Whether that is true I really don't know.
So there you have it, my top 9 Christmas beauty picks. What would you like for Christmas this year?  
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Empties part two.

So, time for the second part of my empties post finally has come. There are quite a few products again, including a couple I just haven't gotten on with anymore so have also decided to be good and get rid of them.
First up is the Soap & Glory 5 in 1 micellar cleansing water. I brought this on a whim when it was first released as it was on offer... but I have now been through two bottles of the product and really wish I didn't love it so much. It is brilliant at removing any traces of makeup, but additionally has a slight cucumber scent/flavour to it, which I find really soothing on my skin. As I've said before I have relatively sensitive skin and this doesn't irratate it all. I think it is my new favourite micellar water, but sadly costs £6 for only 200ml of product. Will I buy this product again? Hell yes.
Next up is the Pure instant radiance skin tonic from M&S. As you can see I haven't quite finished this product... I originally wasn't sure on it because of the thicker texture of the toner than I am used to, but found it did brighten my skin. Over time I have found the product to start irratating my skin feeling like it's on fire so have stayed clear. Definitely one I wouldn't purchase again but I am sure many of you would love.
The Body Shop Camomile Sumptious Cleansing Butter is one I have had on the go for ages now and have finally finished. I love this product, and how it instantly melts off any makeup I'm wearing - including waterproof mascara. It also leaves my skin feeling relatively moisturised after use, without the touch of a moisturiser. Would I buy this again? I already have a spare one haha.
  The next three products are all concealers, the first being the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. Everyone's favourite budget concealer, but is it mine? Last time I mentioned this I loved it as an all round concealer. Now I still love it but more as a blemish concealer. I find when used under the eyes it leaves a grey undertone afterwards. Definitely one I would repurchase again, it really is a good concealer.
Next up is the Dirty Works concealer cube. This reminds me of the Soap & Glory Kick-Ass concealer as it has two concealer shades, a salmon coloured one and a more skin-tone coloured one. Unfortunately the formula is creamy but might as well be see-through when actually applied. I found it didn't really conceal my black circles or any blemishes at all. So, would I purchase again? Nope unfortunately not, I haven't even finished this one.
The final concealer is the Maybelline Erase Eye Concealer. I absolutely love this product, and have found it to do exactly what it says. It covers my black circles with ease, but also works amazingly at a basic everything concealer as well. It also seems to last all day on my skin, another bonus. Would I repurchase? Another yes for this one.
  The No 7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhance is another amazing product, and it also seemed to last forever. It works like a primer after your moisturiser and before your foundation. It literally smoothese everything out, and leaves my skin not only pretty perfected but smoothe to the touch perfect for applying my foundation. I love this product. Would I repurchase? Definitely yes again.
Lastly is the Rodial Glamtox Day SPF 15. This is a day moisturiser that is said to brighten your skin as well as moisturise. I can't say too much about this product as I really didn't like the smell; I found it too overwhelming to be used on an everday basis. However the couple of times I did use it it did seem to brighten my skin. Probably one to try for those of you who don't mind facial products being highly-scented. Would I repurchase? No.
Well that's the end of my empties and products that I've decided to get rid of. What have you used up lately?
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Flat interior decoration

First of all... I'm back, still laptop-less but with internet and all moved into my brand new flat with my boyfriend. I thought I'd start off with a basic post on some of the favourite things we have purchased to dress up our flat.

 We have a gorgeous fireplace in our lounge, and I love the way these vases instantly add a homely touch to the flat.
The candles are just basic ones from Ikea, but we chose them due to our theme in the lounge. They are blue, and have a light fresh smell to them. The only thing I will say is how the smell really doesn't seem to spread and fill the room - I definitely will be purchasing a couple of Yankee Candles come payday.
We have continued the vase theme in the bathroom, with the addition of these cute little ornaments from our holiday in Italy earlier in the year. There are 4 fishes and four dolphins, and I love how they fit a bathroom theme perfectly.
A simple cactus, but one that is red that just adds that extra touch. Again this one was themed to match our theme, this time in the kitchen (everything is red). The cactus is from Ikea, and we have matched it with a red flower pot also from Ikea.
That's it for now, but I'll be back finishing off my empties post, the second half tomorrow at 9:45 UK on Friday.
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