Mid-week favourite no.4: The Body Shop all-in-one BB cream

This product is probably a monthly favourite for November that just hasn't stopped, and I have used every day of this month, well until yesterday. The Body Shop all-in-one BB cream is a light base that has the benefits of being deeply moisturising as well.
I had been using your regular foundation, but was finding this cold weather was leaving my skin really dry so I thought I'd give The Body Shop BB cream a go. And actually, it did seem to solve the problem leaving my skin much brighter and alive.
The BB cream itself is a white cream with little dots throughout, essentially those dots blend into colour on your skin. I also find the product blends so naturally with the skin. I mean I can get away with wearing two out of the four shades without looking like I've been tango'd.
All in all I love this product and it has definitely been this week's favourite... so much so I have cut the entire thing open and I am left with absolutely none left :(.
What have you been loving this week?
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  1. You know you must love a product when you have to cut it open!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Haha yes indeed, had to squeeze every last drop out lol :) - Kristy

  3. This product sounds great, I need something like this when my skin gets dry.


    1. This sounds like it could be the perfect product for you; it definitely helped me with my dry skin. -Kristy