Seven top beauty hacks for you!

I'm always on the look out for any different beauty methods, and ways to make my beauty routine easier for those lazy days or rushed mistakes. That said I have compiled a list of seven of my top beauty hacks.
1) Cotton buds! - Essential for any beauty lover; they are perfect for keeping your makeup neat. Any mascara smudges? These are you best friends. Smaller enough to not disturb the rest of your makeup, but large enough to fix any mistakes.
2) Mixing your foundations - Have you ever purchased a foundation slightly too dark for you or is your tanned self shade? I know I have, but all you need to do is purchase a foundation lighter than your regular skintone and Bob's your uncle! And the best part of this little hack is; that it doesn't have to be the same brand so one lighter foundation will work for several.

3) Always apply your concealer in a V shape - This is something I heard a long time ago and thought nothing of it, believing it couldn't make a difference. Now however, there is no other way I would apply my concealer. It really works at brightening those circles allowing you to fake those late nights and early mornings with ease.

4) Dip your painted nails in cold water - Ever get annoyed with waiting for you nails to dry? Well now you won't with this beauty hack. Simply dip them in some near ice cold water straight after painting, and this will help the paint to solidify much quicker. No more waiting around worried your nails might smudge!

5) Contour a backwards three - So, bronzing and trying to fake those cheek bones can be a tricky one, well not anymore. Simply draw a backwards three on either side of your face from the top of your forehead to under your cheekbones to towards the bottom of your face then blend! I find this method always leaves my face perfectly sculpted.

6) Fake your cupids bow with lip liner - Now this is one of my favourites and newly discovered beauty hacks. All you need to do is use a lip liner which matches your lipstick and do a small cross where your cupids bow is and then use your lipstick on top. This helps provide your lips with the definition and shape to create a perfectly defined cupids bow.

7) Draw your eyeliner cat flicks - Do you struggle to get the perfect eyeliner cat flicks? If you draw an outline first then fill it in you will end up with those perfect cat flicks and you won't struggle at all. You can even draw where you want the line to be across the lids for an even more perfected eyeliner cat flick.

So there you have it, my top seven beauty hacks for you! Have you tried any of these tricks or have your own favourite beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments below.
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Current beauty wishlist - February 2015.

  With so many beauty launches at the moment there's so many products I would love to try. Saying that I thought I would create a beauty wishlist sharing my most wished for beauty products of the moment.
  1. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour  - £19
 So there was the NARS Multiples and the Tarte Sculptor and now Clinique have released their own version; the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour. I've wanted this since the moment I saw it. A crayon that's also rounded to fit perfectly under my cheek bones, this looks like the new bronzer for me. (And a little secret, I had a phone call from Boots today to say they have one back in stock reserved for me so this will be in my hands shortly).
2. Too Faced Melted lipstick - £19
I have um'd and ah'd about these since their release, and then saw it in action on a YouTube video and decided they had to be mine. I haven't decided on shade, but this is definitely a product hight on my wishlist.
3. Smashbox Primer Water
I haven't tried a Smashbox Primer in a good while not but remember they used to be good, and love how easy this product could make my life. Imagine a quick spray on those busy mornings and your base is ready to go and last. I really want to see if this does make my makeup last longer, can it really be as good as it sounds?

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in diffused light - £38
This was on my last wishlist and I thought about skipping it but then remembered how much I want this in my hands. Every time I see it pop up on a blog my heart skips a beat in awe. I only haven't purchased due to the extremely high price but it's my birthday this month so maybe I'll give in and treat myself.
5. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation - £32
I love NARS as a brand and every product I've tried. The Sheer Glow foundation is amazing but this one sounds lighter and perfect for every day where. My favourite foundations are always the ones I can't feel but last well so I believe this is definitely worth a try. And... it has a pump! Go NARS.
6. NARS duo eyeshadow in Jezebel - £25
Another NARS product I would love to own. I've been after a light purple eyeshadow for a while now, then spotted this. I love the unusual combination of colours.
7. Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing brush - £69.99
 Ahh, a facial cleansing brush. I've always loved the idea of the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush but I am unsure as to whether I would keep up the usage. This is a cheaper variation that I have seen a few great reviews of recently. It also comes in a choice of colours so of course that naturally meant it had to make my wishlist.
  8. Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 flat contour brush - £22
  When I first heard about the release of these new brushes by Real Techniques I fell in love with the design, especially the rose gold ones. Out of all of the new brushes the flat contour is the one I would love to own the most.
So, that's my current beauty wishlist for February. I'm sorry it consists of mostly high-end products, I might do a high-street beauty wishlist if that's something you would like to see?
What beauty products are you currently lusting after?
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Yates Southampton new cocktails review.

Photo from Yates' menu.
Leading on from my previous post on Southampton Yates new BBQ menu todays post is based on their amazing new cocktails. They kindly offered me a chance to try some of their cocktails and today I thought I would share some of these with you.
 First up I decided to try this gorgeous-looking cocktail literally because it looks so pretty and I am a girl so you know haha. It is aptly name the Jelly Baby, consisting of Vodka, Archers, Malibu, blue Curacao, grenadine, pineapple juice and of course a jelly baby to finish it off.
This was actually my favourite of the four I had. The only way I can describe the taste of the cocktail is icing cake mix and not the sickly kind either. This is one cocktail I think I could happily drink forever.
Next up is one I'm sure you have all heard of before; a Long Island Ice Tea. Extremely alcoholic yet surprisingly delicious, and there was me thinking Long Island Ice Teas don't taste very good. I thought it kind of tasted like the Haribo Cola bottles, definitely a good taste.
It contains 3-year-old Rum, Vodka, Gordon's Gin, Cointreau and Olmeca Tequila. This is then shaken with sweet and sour mix, and topped with Coca-Cola. Have you tried a Long Island Ice Tea before?
Another famous cocktail was up next, one of my personal all-time favourites; Sex on the Beach. It is made from Vodka, Archers, orange juice and cranberry juice. These are all then well shaken, mixed together and poured into your cup.
 I don't know how to describe this one other than it tastes how it's supposed to. I guess slightly fruity with a slightly sharper edge would be the best way. Either way it was another yey from me, and I love the additional lemon slice added to the side. 
 Lastly I went for the Pornstar Martini, an extremely posh sounding cocktail, with a shot of Prosecco to make you actually feel posh too.
This cocktail is made from Absolut Vanilla Vodka and Passoa liqueur mixed in with Funkin passion fruit puree and sugar syrup. Passionfruit is one of my favourite fruit juices and flavours to mix with alcohol and this one definitely lived up to tasting amazing. I would describe the taste itself as very similar to passionfruit, just with a zesty spice tang. It is definitely a cocktail worth trying.
As to the added Prosecco, that's the only thing I've never got about cocktails, is getting an additional shot alongside a cocktail. I didn't notice it making a difference to my cocktail but it sure did make me feel posher for a moment or too.
Overall, I was really impressed with my visit to Yates. These cocktails all tasted really good if you hadn't guessed already. I believe this alongside the BBQ menu I recently reviewed have allowed Yates to really up their game. The food and the cocktails all tasted lush, with the Jelly Baby cocktail being one I am sure I will be going back for regularly.
What's your favourite cocktails?
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Ghost Eclipse perfume gift set review.

Ghost was always the brand that created my favourite perfume throughout my teenage years; Cherish, but I had never tried any of their other perfumes until recently.

28 blog post ideas.

Blog post ideas are one of my favourites to read; they always trigger ideas on what I could do my latest post on. This on my mind I thought I would do my take, giving you 28 of my blog post ideas, 28 because there's 28 days in Feburary so an idea a day for you.
1. Mid-week favourite - one item, what have you used the most and why? Perhaps a mini review would be beneficial to your readers.
2. Brand focus - what's your favourite products from a particular brand? What products to you think are their best ones?
3. Category favourites - this could work for anything from beauty favourites like foundation favourites to stationery favourites to shoe favourites.
4. Beauty area - where do you put on your makeup, and why it works for you?
5. Blogging area - who doesn't like to be nosey on where individuals work? Whether it's from what laptop you use to how you display products for photos, we all like a little nosey.
6. Blogging love - whose your favourite bloggers? Love these posts, and a perfect way for your readers to discover new blogs.
7. Beauty hacks - what unexpected tips do you have? Have you found anything in particular that's unique such as using cottons buds to fix any mascara smudges?
8. iPad/Android tablet apps - another nosey post, what apps can't you live without? You could also do category focuses such as your favourite blog apps.
9. Cocktail recipes - what's your favourite cocktail? Is it something different to the usual found in cocktail bars?
10. Advice tips to younger self - e.g. what do you wish you could have told your 16 year old self with regards to beauty?
11. Product review - using photo's and text to explain your opinion on a product, does it live up to its claims?
12. OOTD - Outfit of the day, name says it all for this one.
13. Favourite five/ten pictures from the month - a unique way to share your month with your readers. It allows them to find out more about you.
14. Beauty repurchases - what products are there no way you could live without?
15. Theme wishlists/posts - perhaps a colour theme, what clothes/items do you wish you could have within that theme.
16. Hobby post - tell us more about yourself, what do you love doing besides blogging?
17. Bad beauty habits - what do you do you know you shouldn't really?
18. How to's - whether it's a recipe to how to style your hair, these are always interesting posts to read and find. I'm sure they're good for new people searching through search engines too.
19. Blog planning - how do your organise your blog, do you schedule posts? Do you use a calendar to post them?
20. HTML tips - through editing my layout recently I've started to develop my HTML tips further meaning I've been googling. If you know about HTML why not share what you know to help others?
21. Room/House tours - show people where you live if you're comfortable with this, I'm sure people would love to see.
22. Monthly favourites - similar to mid-week favourite, just a wider selection of products. What have been your all-time favourite products for the month?
23. Top 10 places you would like to visit - is travelling your thing or something you want to do? Why not tell us more?
24. A limited budget beauty haul - what can you get within a price limit to create a full look?
25. Hauls - Can't believe I nearly forgot this one, hauls are my favourites to read.
26. Dupes - have you found any dupes or more expenive products? Is it a product you believe your readers would love to hear more about?
27. Starter makeup kit - what products would you suggest to someone just starting out with makeup?
28. Skincare routine - what products do you use on a daily basis? How do you go about your daily skincare routine?
  There you go, 28 ideas complete! Hope you enjoyed this post and have found some new ideas :). 
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Beauty and the Sleep.

*Sleep is extremely important to a beauty reigme and upon being sent this via email the other day I had to share it and share my own personal thoughts and favourite from the poster. 
The poster itself essentially shares tips and truths behind everything to do with going to sleep. The first section shares basic tips and truths that will ensure you and your body gets a good nights sleep ranging from ensuring you change your pillows and bed sheets on a regular basis to whether wearing a bra to bed is a good thing. 
The truth behind wearing a bra to bed was the one that surprised me the most; as long as the bra fits correctly it's perfectly fine to wear your bra to bed without causing any long-term problems. Still I can't see myself doing that, I walk through the door and that's it for my bra for the evening haha.
The second section is where it gets interesting with more tips and truths you may not neccessarily think of. Do you love lighting candles? Turns out they really do effect your body and can actually help decrease blood pressure and lower skin temperature. (Lights candle).
The other point I found interesting was the bed positioning. I've always preferred having mine in the center of the room whereas according to Feng Shui the best position is actually in a corner diagonally oppisite the door. Who knew?
Take a read below to read all of the tips.
What is your favourite tip? What do you think of the bed positioning in a diagonal position? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Mid-week favourite no.6: Soap & Glory kick-ass blur & brighten crayon concealer.

Okay, okay so it's not mid-week it's a Sunday today but the product I'm about to mention is definitely my favourite product this week, and might even be my favourite find this month. 
The Soap & Glory kick-ass blur and brighten crayon concealer is a twist up concealer is said to blur up those imperfections, and brighten up where applied too. How perfect does that sound for under the eyes?
I picked up the concealer before Christmas now but had just left it to the side. Since I've picked it up I've been amazed. The formula is so creamy! It actually reminds me of a liquid concealer, but one that is far easier to apply. I mean all I have to do is twist and sweep.
As to blur imprefections I haven't been trying to blur anything so I am not sure I can comment on this part. However; it definitely brightens under my eyes. I have been using it daily, and can always notice a difference once I've used this.
The best part is the Soap & Glory kick-ass blur and brighten crayon concealer actually lasts all day. I can go to work and 8am, get home at 6pm and still find the concealers present on my face.
I love this product, and can't believe I didn't find it sooner. In my opinion it's up there with the Nars radiant creamy concealer... and that's saying something.
If you're looking for a new concealer or just suffer from dark circles I definitely recommend giving this Soap & Glory crayon concealer a go.
Definitely my favourite product this week, what's yours been?
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Eva for new bridesmaid dresses!

* is a one-stop wedding binder in the clouds. They were founded back in 2012 by a one-time maid of honor and have now just released a special new collection designed by top Anthropologie seller Eva Franco; Eva for The designs are made from luxurious textures from lace to jacquard to chiffon. I'm already in awe of the collection.
And I don't know about you but I love a wedding, and when the lovely people from gave me the opportunity to share their new collection, I jumped at the chance.
 The first from the collection are these gorgous jumpsuits. I love how unique they are compared to anything you would normally find. have definitely gone out using the latest fashion trends to mix in with a more formal design. These would be perfect for the upcoming wedding season.
Up next is these carefully designed aqua green dresses using a textured design to create another unique look. These to me look like perfect bridesmaid dresses for a Spring wedding.
Leading on from the textured themed bridesmaid dresses are two more textured dresses, followed by my favourite dresses from the entire collection.
 Just look at that blue! How many weddings have you seen with bridesmaids wearing a dress this colour?
These would definitely have to be the dresses I'd want my bridesmaids to be wearing. I especially love the cowl drop cut on the back of the dress to the right. I love how the design is cut just above the knees creating a both elegant and sexy looking design.
Overall I am in love with these dresses, and believe they would be perfect for many girls. The way have created something completely different to the usual really shines through, particularly with the materials used.
I would definitely consider these for my own bridesmaids. To see the full collection click here. has even more dresses available on their website alongside this brand new collection which launched yesterday, plus a really useful wedding planning tool. You just search and a range of wedding ideas through images come up. My favourite part is you can save these images. Check out their website by clicking here.
What's your favourite dress from the collection? I'd love to hear your opinions :).
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Gym goodies.

Now we've hit February I have decided to re-join the gym with an aim to tone up ready for Sping/Summer. Of course this meant purchasing a few bits to add to my existing collection.
I picked up a new pair of fitness trainers from Primark for just £8. I'd love a pair of Nike Airs but can't justify spending that kind of money at the moment. These are black with slight pink design and fit snug around the ankles, perfect for running - another thing I really want to start doing, well learn to do first haha.
I also picked up three trainer socks for the bargain price of £2, again from Primark. They each of catchy slogans that instantly made me purchase them no questions asked. I mean socks saying "fierce, strong, and gym fit..." how could I not buy them.
I have really weak wrist so I also decided to pick up some wrist weights. I thought these might also tone up my arms whilst running. I went for a set by USA Pro.
Lastly I picked up a couple of bits by Karrimoor that aren't photographed. These included a pair of long running leggings as mine are all knee length currently, and a fitness suntop.
I can't wait to get wearing these bits. What do you think of my new gym goodies?
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Benefit Roller Lash review.

 One of the most exciting launches being released next month is the Benefit Roller Lash. I finally got my hands on the latest copy of Elle to give the product a try myself.

Benefit's Roller Lash is designed to lift your lashes creating longer and more curled lashes. Interestingly they were designed on old-school velcro rollers meaning the wand has small rubber grips to carefully coat your lashes whilst lifting them.

If I am honest I wasn't expecting to love this mascara as much as I do. You see I am not particularly fond of the much-loved Benefit They're Real mascara, however Benefit's Roller Lash is really something else.

The brush is ever so tiny but does easily hook onto my lashes coating them in mascara. I'm not so sure on the lifting and curling part, however saying that they do look more curled than usual in my photograph. The thing I love about this mascara though is the fact it easily coats and extends my lashes, but without clumping them altogether! Now that's impressive; and what I disliked about the They're Real Mascara.

Overall I am very impressed with this mascara, and will continue using it. At this rate I think this mascara is definitely going to be on my wish list on its release date.

What do you think of the results achieved? Have you picked up the latest copy of Elle?
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Yates Southampton new BBQ menu review.

 I'm not sure if it's all Yates across the country, but my local one in Southampton has recently had a refit. This has included the menu being completely re-done, some things amazing and some things slightly disappointing.
I work really close by so before the opening the Yates team gave us a free voucher each to claim something from the new BBQ part of the menu. This instantly intrigued me, I mean who doesn't love a BBQ.
Me and my boyfriend went down just after opening and went for the Ultimate BBQ board worth £19.95.
Yes, this really was the platter we got served! Amazing, eh.
The massive serving included half a grilled chicken, four southern-fried chicken pieces, 10 BBQ wings, spicy sausage, BBQ pulled pork, chilli slaw, beer-battered onion rings and sweet potatoe chips.

So, what did I think? I was extremely impressed with the quality of everything, the only thing we didn't touch was the chilli slaw purely because neither of us like coleslaw. But, it really was all extremely tasty and well-worth the £19.95 price tag.

My favourite had to be the BBQ pulled pork - this was just divine. On first taste, we were fighting to have it all each. I don't know how to describe it but it was so tender and mixed with just the right amount of sauce, I could have happily just had that.
I think the only thing I dislike about the new menu is the price of the cocktails. These used to be a reasonable price, but seem to have jumped up rather alot considering I've always seen Yates as having pub food and drink prices. Food-wise the new menu looks fantastic, well done Yates.

What do you think of the platter? Has your Yates got this new BBQ menu?
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What's on my face: lipstick edition.

I always love to hear what people are wearing on their faces, what their most popular foundation or eyeshadow is currently so today I thought I'd do a post focusing on one of my favourite lipsticks this Winter.

When it gets colder this is when I tend to bring out my darker lipsticks. I find they really add to a look, and are a nice way of allowing the lips to be the key feature of the face.

My current favourite has to be The Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick in the shade 125. It is a dark berry shade that instantly pops off the face when worn. I love how it doesn't cling to any dry patches on my lips either - with the weather being so cold I am finding my lips to be a nightmare at the moment. 

So another favourite from The Body Shop for me; I think their lipsticks have to be one of the best formulas going. 

What is your favourite lipstick to wear in the Winter months? 

Micellar Water Wipes? Yes or no?

Micellar water has been a big thing in the blogger world for a good year or so now, but have you ever heard of micellar water wipes? Could they be just as good, and much better for your skin than regular face wipes?
I purchased some of the above micellar water wipes a couple of months ago now out of pure curiosity. I have been using them on and off, switching between these and my regular Soap & Glory micellar solution. 
They claim to be "ultra-gentle face and eye make-up cleansing wipes" for "sensitive skin." They are also said to be "hypoallergenic, alcohol free and dermatologically approved."
On first impressions something that immediately striked me was the smell, kind of chemical-like, and how this would go with my sensitive skin. I wasn't expecting this at all due to the product said to be both hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I don't know if it was just the fact that the wipes were enclosed but I sure didn't like the idea of putting them near my face. I felt like my eyes were slightly stinging.
As to doing their job though, they did this perfectly. They removed every trace of my makeup when used without fail.

So, what do I think overall? Brilliant idea but I definitely don't think they're for me. Even if they are hypoallergenic and fragrance free the fact that I could smell something completely put me off. I won't be purchasing them again unfortunately.
Sorry for the slightly negative review but I thought it's only fair I share my honest opinions, obviously yours could be completely different.
What do you think of the idea of micellar water wipes? Is it something you've tried before?
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