Mid-month favourites March 2015.

Having not written any favourites for a good few months now I thought it was about time I rectify that. I thought I'd do things slightly differently and have decided to do a mid-month favourites as opposed to and end-of-month favourites. They will be mainly beauty favourites, but possibly with the odd other favourite

First up is an oil burner and rose oil I got as part of my Valentines present, and one I haven't stopped using since use. I've never had an oil burner before but remember how well the smell filled the room when I worked at The Body Shop and this one doesn't fail to impress. I love using it with the rose oil. the smell does instantly fill the room and lasts for hours on end. A definite favourite of mine this past month.

Next up is my MAC duo palette from my recent haul, including the shades Beautiful Iris and Cranberry. I love using Beautiful Iris, the purple colour, to brighten up my eyes. It doesn't give the biggest colour payoff without being coated a couple of times but it's worth the effort for the finished result. The darker red shade, Cranberry, works surpirsingly well alongside - I've been using this either to create a smoky look or just along my crease.

The Bleach Blonde Silver shampoo is next on my favourites. I love how much of a difference this makes to my hair; it is instantly brighter after using this and has definitely been a big favourite of mine. Blonde hair fades, this has helped reverse that; I think any girl who has blonde hair should give it a go.

The Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge is another product I have been loving, a product I've barely touched since purchasing but has been a lifesaver in recent weeks. For some reason my skin has decided it doesn't like a brush being used to apply foundation and not blending particulaly well so I thought I'd give the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge a little go and haven't looked back. Once popped in water to expand it seems to create the most flawless finish blending everything perfectly. I'm sure I will go back to using a brush but I am so glad I discovered how good this sponge is.

Ahh, the Rose Jam shower gel from Lush is amazing. Yes, another rose product this month (it's my new favourite body product scent). I love how soft this leaves my skin feeling and is one I've been using nearly every shower/bath. I have actually finished the bottle now but I have to say I'm impressed, I defnitely need to try more of their shower gels. Besides, whenever I use a Lush product the whole flat ends up smelling of Lush, doesn't everyone want that?

Next is the Indian Night Jamsine EDT from The Body Shop; a favourite of mine last summer has made it back into my favourites. I love this smell; I'd describe it as an evening sensual smell that's fairly strong. The smell also lasts all day when used.

My last favourite is more of a lifestyle one; my yoga mat. I have been watching yoga videos a lot recently and have been loving using this to follow the routines. It means I don't have to break my back on the hard floor either so a win win and favourite for me.

And, we're done... if you managed to read all that you deserve a chocolate gold medal. That's my favourites for the month; have you used any of the products I mentioned? What have you been loving lately?


  1. I love a good oil burner! Interesting to hear your thoughts :)

    Shannon Rebecca | Blogger & YouTuber <3

  2. I really want to try Rose Jam, it sounds so lovely! x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Yeah they're awesome little things aren't they? -Kristy

  4. Oh, it is - it's really thick and moisturising as well which I love in a shower gel. -Kristy

  5. georgiana cristian25 April 2015 at 10:40

    Hi!Can you tell the name of the yoga mat or where did you buy it?Thanks!

  6. Sorry for the slow reply but yeah sure, it's from Sports Direct by USA pro :). -Kristy