Put yourself on a shopping ban? Here's 5 ways to cope with said shopping ban.

shopping ban
Over the last few months I have been trying my best not to spend money on any new beauty products unless needed. It has been difficult, but it has helped me start to use up a fair few of my beauty products and stopped me spending money with no reason. 
Disclaimer, I did go on a bit of a spending spree last payday but 3 out of 7 beauty products were needed and that was the first time since before Christmas which is pretty impressive for me.
 That said, I thought I'd share with you 5 ways to cope with a shopping ban.
  1) Leave your bank card at home if you work near town - I work in the middle of the city centre so on my lunch break and after work I'm always tempted to pop into Boots or John Lewis, especially now I work next door to Boots. With no bank card, even if you find yourself in your local beauty store how are you going to pay for things? You can't, which not only stops you but also makes you think again about that purchase. If you do need cash for lunch just bring a fiver or so in change.

2) Shop your stash - Want a new foundation or the latest MAC collection? What about those 5 other foundations you have sitting in your collection? Why not give them a go... you never know you might find a new favourite which has cost you a total of £0.00. As to wanting the latest MAC collection I'm sure you have plenty of products similar no matter how pretty or tempting the packaging is of the latest collection (recently the Cinderella collection!).

3) Make your own products! - Some beauty products are relatively simple to make using regular ingredients around the house such as sugar and oil so why not give it a try and make your own beauty products? Something like a body scrub is simple to make, but could also be a fun way to experiment without hitting the shops.

4) Cancel those tempting automatic email subscriptions - So you check your emails when you wake up and up pop at least 20 emails from everywhere and anywhere online detailing their newest products and/or latest offers and you want to click and add some items to your basket? Is this you? I know they are extremely tempting but if you scroll to the bottom of the emails there is an unsubscribe button to fix this. I know you want to know all about the latest offers, but just think how less likely you are to go to that website with no email. It is defintely one that gets me every time haha.

5) Enjoy other luxuries - For many people shopping is addictive and your heart skips a beat when you get the newest product you've just read about; you can fill this with something else. Why not go out for a meal with that money you've saved or put the money towards a holiday? I know for me a holiday is worth more than that extra makeup product I already have something similar too. A luxury that I can easily afford by not splurging all my money.

So there's my 5 ways to cope with a shopping ban for you - I hope you have found this useful and has given you some new ideas.

Are you on a spending ban currently? What helps stop you spending? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to share my post using my new share widget below if you found this useful.


  1. Love this! I've been trying to shop my stash more recently as I feel the need to go shopping so much but I'm trying to save for a holiday! I've been leaving my cards at home more recently and I think that's the main thing that's helped, can't shop with no money!

    Lucie x

  2. Great tips - love the: make it yourself-tip. It can be a really fun project! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I hope you participate, since I'd love to get to know you a bit better :) Click here, to check it out :)

    xo Mel

  3. Haha yeah I know exactly what you mean, the temptation is so high, especially reading and blogging about it everyday. At least with shopping your stash your using products up first. That's good to hear - also the one that helps me the most. -Kristy

  4. Haha yes I love trying my own at things, made my own body scrub a while back. I'll have a look - thank you. -Kristy

  5. I need to try these tips the struggle is real!


  6. These are really good tips, I have just started working in the centre of Newcastle - a total nightmare for post-work shopping!! I think I'm going to start leaving my bank card at home after reading this! Thanks! Lucy, www.aspectatorsport.com xx

  7. Definitely worth giving some of them the go; the leaving my card at home is my favourite one. -Kristy

  8. Haha, it really is when you're so close to everything. And good luck! - it works for me. -Kristy

  9. Really good helpful tips.. I've been on a shopping ban soooo many times, it's never lasted. I always have really good intentions, but, well, I blame being a house mummy, which you think would stop you, but I do have free time.lol


  10. Ashleigh Stevens22 March 2015 at 01:54

    Just read this in the nick of time! I'm tired of failing spending bans! Every time I am feeling spendy, I will read this!


  11. I'm glad you thought so :). Haha... yeah I guess being a mummy it's a nice treat when you have spare time to go on a shopping spree and just spend. I know I'd be tempted. -Kristy

  12. Haha that sounds like a plan, I wish you good luck... I know you can completed your spending ban :). -Kristy