Spring and Summer fashion wishlist 2015.

spring summer fashion 2015
As it's getting closer and closer to Summer I thought it was about time I shared my Spring and Summer wishlist with you all. All of these items are literally sitting in shopping baskets online currently.

1. Isobel Scallop hem crop top and matching Robyn Skirt £10 + £12 from Boohoo
As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it, or want to have it. How gorgeous is the design, especially the scallop finish on the top. I also don't own any matching sets so thought this would be the perfect one to get.

2. Ladies Blue Patent Classical £39 from Jones Bootmaker
Shoes, I have a serious addiction, like I don't have enough space for all my shoes but I still seem to want more addiction. I don't have anything like these and thought they would be perfect comfy shoes to go with pretty much anything. The slight heel on the back is something I really really like about them as well (I'm quite short).

3. Mayotte Scallop Edge Bikini £18 from Boohoo
Another scallop designed item but one I thought would be perfect for holiday. I've already brought two this year but love the basic design of this one. The purple colour as well!

4. Anya Lazer cut double layer bodycon dress £20 from Boohoo
A girl can never have enough dresses; I love the fact this one could be perfect both for an evening and day look. I love the double layered design, and the detailing on it.

5. Crosshatched Faul Leather Cross Body bag £15 from Forever 21
One thing I don't own many of is bags, and I seem to have gotten rid of my white bags from last year so really need one for the Summer. This one was love at first sight and also reminds me of Rebecca Minkoff bags.

6. Faded distressed denim cutoffs £9.45 from Forever 21
I love the design of these shorts and the fact they don't cling to the leg - I thought these would be perfect to go with pretty much everything throughout Spring and Summer. 

7. White Cross Strap Sandals £15.99 from New Look
I love the simplicity of these sandals, again they're a pair of shoes which will go with pretty much everything... and everyone needs a pair of white sandals... right?

8. Smock Lace up Playsuit £45 from Motel Rocks
Motel Rocks is an online shop I can spend hours browsing but I am still yet to make a purchase. I love their unique designs. I love how you can just throw a playsuit on whilst looking like you've made more of an effort than you actually have.

9. Rose Check Quilted Duffle bag £18 from Boohoo
Okay maybe I don't need two white bags but how cute is this duffle bag? Definitely another for the wishlist.

And that's the end of my wishlist, now let's just hope the weather decides to heat up and the sun stays shining. What's on your Spring/Summer wishlist? Have I missed anything key out? Let me know below.

Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes.

top 3 eyeshadow palettes

Instead of just wearing eyeshadow for evenings out and special occasions I've started wearing eyeshadow pretty much everyday. That being said I have developed 3 firm favourites from my collection, my top 3 eyeshadow palettes for you that I am going to share today.

The first eyeshadow palette to make the list is the world famous Urban Decay Naked Palette. I've had this palette for a year and a half or so now and it is the only Naked eyeshadow palette that ever made me want it the second I saw it. I love the combination of light and dark shades, even two slightly blue shades.

Every single eyeshadow in this palette is an amazing formula, lightweight and buttery. The shadows pick up on my brush with ease and blend so well together. The eyeshadows also last really well on the eye, with or without primer. It is definitely a palette worth the hype, and one I can't see myself stopping loving.

The next palette I've gone for is one from Clinique, the 06 pink chocolate eyeshadow quad I received from one of Clinique's bonus times. Another brand whose eyeshadow quality amazes me every time. Every eyeshadow is so buttery with very little fallout. The shades in this particular one include two pinky shades and two purple-toned shades - perfect shades to create a gorgeous smokey eye. I'm not sure you can purchase this one but keep on eye out for Clinique bonus times, and it's definitely worth checking out some of their other palettes - they're just as good!

The final palette to make my favourite 3 eyeshadows palettes is the Iconic 3 palette from Makeup Revolution. A budget makeup brand whose quality seems to be far superior to the prices. This particular one includes a range of shimmer and matte shades on the pink spectrum. It is said to be a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette that I wasn't sure on so thought this was the perfect way to give it a go, but instead I now have no need to purchase the latter as this one is so good.

The eyeshadows are all again very buttery, similarly to my higher end favourites. A few of the shimmer shades have a little fallout but nothing to moan about, and they all last very well on the eyelids. I love the palette and the amazing quality has caused me to finally order a haul from Makeup Revolution.

Overall these are 3 palettes that are well worth having in your collection. They are amazing quality and all 3 of them together combine the perfect collection of nudes and a bit of colour. What's your favourite eyeshadow palette? Does it include any of my top 3 eyeshadow palettes for you?

Top 13 places I want to visit most.

Travelling is always something I've wanted to do so I thought I'd compile a list of 13 of the places I want to visit the most for you. It was supposed to be 10 but I couldn't help myself.

1. Japan - Japan is a place I've wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. I'd love to experience the completely different culture, and it is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. There's so much I want to see there as well including the Tokyo Japan Temple - the first temple to be built in Asia. I'd love to visit Kyoto as well.

2. Dubai - Another one that has been on the list since forever, Dubai. Just look at that blue sea and the gorgeous beach; I think it's the views that have got me here, and the world islands. An expensive but amazing city that just has to be ticked off the list.

3. Abu Dhabi - Ever since watching the Sex and the City movie I have wanted to visit Abu Dhabi. The area just looks amazing and rich, and is full of tall buildings and of course is home to the Grand Mosque. Being close to Dubai I've figured I could see these two together.

4. Split, Croatia - I can't remember how I even heard of Split in Croatia but what I do remember is just seeing pretty pictures of waterfalls and falling in love. I'm sure a weekend here would be the most relaxing thing ever, I mean where's my plane? The waterfalls above are from Plitvice Lakes National park.

5. Mexico - Close to the Caribbean Mexico is another that couldn't miss the list. Not only does it look like an awesome place to visit, it has some amazing hidden away sites including the hidden beach and Chichen Itza in Yucatan. I mean how amazing does the picture I've chosen look?

6. America - One of my dreams has always been to travel America, I've already been to New York City and loved it way too much - so much I now have part of a wall dedicated to New York in our flat! I could easily live there, but there's plenty of other places I want to see in America as well, in particular Orlando, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

7. Caribbean - Blue sea, palm trees and the place known for cocktails, what's not to love? I love the idea of perfect blue sea, and it's an area completely different to anywhere else, I'd love to experience anywhere in the Caribbean.

8. Thailand - Again the blue seas have me here, alongside all the little boats in Thailand. It's a place I've just always wanted to explore.

9. South Africa - One of my best friends since school was South African and moved over from South Africa, hearing about her talking about living over there has always made me want to explore, and find out more about living in a country so different to ours. I also have an obsession with elephants so would love to do a safari trip whilst there too.

10. Hong Kong - A lively and extremely big but amazing looking city, definitely one that I h-a-v-e to visit. One of the things I'd really want to do is go for a meal in one of the really high restaurants though, so I'd have to be extremely brave for this one as I'm beyond scared of heights.

11. Turkey - This was one of the places we nearly went on holiday last year and since we looked at all the gorgeous pictures, and saw the turtles, it has definitely become one of the places I want to visit the most.

12. Egypt - Egyptians was the only topic in History that ever interested me back when I was in Primary school and I've always found interesting. Egypt is definitely a place I want to visit to discover more and see how everything relates to what I learnt. I'd also love to go on a quad bike over there.

13. Portugal - Again there's a reason behind this one... growing up I remember my mum always talking fondly of going on regular holidays to Portugal which has always made me want to take a visit myself. Whilst searching for pictures on Pinterest I've also discovered this beautiful heart sea arch and have decided I want to see this too!

Yes I pretty much want to see everywhere and anywhere, travelling the world and seeing places is something I've always wanted to do since being little. I haven't visited that many places yet so this has made me want to even more (I've been to New York, Spain, Italy, and Paris so far if you're wondering). I hope you enjoyed reading.

What places do you want to visit the most? Do you think I've missed anything key out?

-All pictures were sourced from Pinterest

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade review.

MAC mineralize skinfinish lightscapade
MAC mineralize skinfinish lightscapade
MAC mineralize skinfinish lightscapade swatch

You may have spotted a while back I treated myself to a much lusted after product, the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in lightscapade. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powders are extremely finely milled powders with veining throughout. Lightscapade is a beige coloured product with purple veins across the surface of the product. These help to conceal any redness on the face.

The fact the powder is so finely milled means it is so easy to pick up with your makeup brush ready to use. I love this, and it seriously surprised me just how smooth the product is.

When used on the face the product leaves a gorgeous glow and works amazing as a highlighter (see pic above for swatch). I have been loving using it on the centre of my nose, tops of my cheeks, across my forehead and a small amount on my neck.

The product also seems to last really well; I can put it on in the morning before work and it will still be there when I finish work.

All I say is don't try using this to set your makeup. I decided to give this a go as the glow is subtle which at first did leave my skin with a lovely glow, but within an hour or so it became patchy leaving my skin looking uneven. However used correctly as a highlighter it is an amazing product.

The Mineralize Skinfinish comes in a posh looking container, with a dome in the lid meaning you can see the powder from first glance. It is made of plastic so perfect for popping in your daily makeup bag, whilst the dome means it will also look very pretty on your dressing table.

Overall I have been loving this product since purchase... When I first purchased the product I honestly wasn't sure what to expect; it is the first powder from MAC which I have tried. (I haven't even tried one of their blushes yet!) However it surpassed my expectations on first use leaving me extremely happy. I'd love to try some more powders from MAC, possibly a blusher.

Have you tried any of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish's? What product should I be trying next from MAC?

My new favourite lipstick.

loreal colour riche lipstick
loreal lipstick evas nude

If you follow me on Instagram (@thevioletblonde) you may have spotted that I recently went on a miniature L'Oreal haul. One of the products I purchased was the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Eva's nude.

This is the first lipstick I've tried from not only this range, but L'Oreal at all and I am beyond impressed. The formula of the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick feels moisturising and nourishing on the lips. It glides over any dry patches with ease, and doesn't highlight them at all.

The colour itself is a gorgeous nude shade, which has a hint of pink hidden within. It is one that goes perfectly with near enough any look - my favourite is using it alongside a bold eye look to soften the overall result.

As to the lasting time this actually lasts fairly well. I can easily go 3-4 hours without needing to touch up, pretty impressive for a non-matte lipstick.

Overall if you hadn't already guessed I am in love with the product. I love the sleek packaging and the gorgeous colour. I am so glad I gave this lipstick a purchase, and now really really want to try a few more shades from the range.

What lipstick have you been loving lately? What's your favourite L'Oreal makeup product?

Tan Summer Shoes.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts shining for longer I can't seem to stop myself from buying more summery shoes. The latest pair to my rather large collection is this gorgeous pair of tan sandals from Primark.

I already have an array of dolly shoes and sandal type shoes but somehow I didn't seem to own a pair of open toe dolly shoes. It was near impossible to get a pair like this until the weather changed recently, and oh my I'm in love.

The tan sandals have a crotchet design (can shoes have that?) and are open at the front of the shoe. I believe the design is perfect for summer and the tan colour means they will match with pretty much everything, from a summer dress to a pair of jeans to a skirt.

And to top it all off they only cost a mere £8 in total, what a bargain? They're also extremely comfy so will be perfect for everyday wear.

Do you have a pair of open toe shoes? Where did you get yours from?

Mid-month Favourites May 2015.

beauty favourites may 2015

Wow it's the middle of May and that only means one thing; it's time for this months mid-month favourites!

The first product to make my favourites is the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. This product is supposed to instantly remove all signs of eye makeup and I can hands down say it does just that. The bi-phase formula feels like a thick liquid lotion and works with ease, and leaves no residue behind. I'm in love with this product.

The next product I mentioned in a recent post and is one that I haven't stopped using/wearing since purchasing. It's the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick in Eva's Nude. It is literally the perfect nude colour and it doesn't blend in with my skintone looking like I'm wearing concealer either. The neutral shade has a slight pink tinge to it; and seems to last a good 4-5 hours without fading. 

Since I heard about the release of the Clinique Chubby Sculpting Contour Stick it was forever on my list to purchase until I gave in a couple of months back, and I'm so glad I did. The stick design makes it so so easy to draw where I want to contour, and even though the colour looks scary it blends in with ease... and then ta da, cheek bones have arrived!

Another favourite of mine this last month also comes from Clinique, one of their eyeshadow quads I got as part of Clinique bonus time about a year ago. I have been loving using the top left shade as an every day all over colour, and the other shades to turn the look into an evening look. The formula is what I love about these - Clinique always seem to make their eyeshadows so easy to blend, and provide them with brilliant colour pay-off.

The fifth item to make my mid-month favourites had to be the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and oh my god I am in love with this foundation it is amazing (so amazing, I've now used it all up :(). The formula is so light but still manages to cover everything leaving a gorgeous glowy finish. It really is as good as everyone always seems to say!

The Collection Eyebrow Definer is a product I've only just realised how good it is. I love the twist-up design and the fine tip. I can easily mimick my eyebrows in seconds with this pencil. The product also seems to never leave my eyebrows, easily lasting the entire day. The only thing I wish is that they had a slightly lighter blonde shade, but for the price I'm not complaining, it's amazing. I definitely recommend you pick it up.

The last product to make my mid-month favourites had to be The Body Shop Argan Oil Body Lotion. I picked this up back when I used to work there but it had just been sitting in my mass pile of moisturisers since. I love how light this lotion is as this means it sinks into my skin easily, perfect for busy days. It leaves my skin incredibly soft too, how can I not love this product?

And that's the end of my mid-month favourites this month, what have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned?

6 things to instantly improve your mood whilst on your period.

We've all got to apparently have these nasty things called periods once a month, somehow cope with the pain and pretend everything's perfect, so what do you do to help improve your mood? I have 10 things to instantly improve your mood whilst on your period for you today.

1) Get that hot water bottle at the ready - I don't know about you but I know I suffer with horrendous pains and the only thing to solve them is a hot water bottle. Mine is also a bunny rabbit from my childhood so using this reminds me of that.

2) A hot bath full of Lush goodies - Again the hot theme, this is something that always instantly relaxes me and takes my mind off things. I also think you always seem to feel dirtier when you're on, so surely a bath full of luxury products has got to make you feel better?

3) Exercise - And yes I'm being serious with this one. Yes it's the last thing you may want to do, but moving around always seems to help. Plus it's good for you and keeps you busy, see, multiple benefits.

4) Grab a bottle of wine - you know you want to, and now you've got the excuse so head down to the shop and make a sneaky purchase of your favourite wine... you need treating, right?

5) Play around with your make-up creating the perfect evening look and dress up to go for a nice meal out somewhere - If you feel like crap why not do the opposite of what you feel like doing and get dressed up? It's the perfect way to change how you feel by giving yourself something to look forward to.

6) Doughnuts! Okay this one isn't what everyone's going to do but a sweet treat is a great way of being fat, I mean relaxing and treating yourself... If you feel bad about this just remember I ate four last week (by accident, I swear).

And that's my 10 ways to instantly improve your mood whilst on your period, what do you do to improve your mood when you face the dreaded period?

PS why can't we all get a text message each month confirming we're not pregnant? I think this would be a much easier method!

The 4 hair products I can't live without.

When it comes to hair products I'm not usually very loyal to particular brands or products, but there are four products that are the exception to this. I happily repurchase them time and time again, and today I am going to share these products with you.

The first product I can't live without is the Argan Oil Hydrating Mask - I have actually already gone through three tubs of this stuff, that's how much I love it. The hair mask contains Moroccan Argan oil extract and is an intensive conditioning treatment designed to cleanse, hydrate and nourish the hair. It does exactly as it says, helps prevent knotting and leaves my hair silky smooth. It actually only costs a £1 but it's the best mask I've personally ever tried, and this includes masks up to ten times the price. It's definitely one worth picking up and giving a go yourself.

Up next is The Body Shop's detangling spray for coloured hair from their Rainforest Radiance range. This is obviously a spray designed to detangle hair; I use it after washing my hair and it does this with ease whilst also lightly conditioning my hair as well. The smell of spray is weirdly really nice as well. The detangling spray also contains no silicones, no colourants and no parabens which is a nice added bonus. It's definitely one I can't see myself straying from - it costs £6.50.

A Tangle Teezer is another product that has made my 4 favourite hair products I can't live without. I'm sure you've all heard of this one and perhaps tried it; but it just makes brushing your hair so so much easier, especially if yours gets tangled easy like mine. I tend to use mine every time after just washing my hair, but use a regular brush inbetween washes. This product is so so worth it's price, and one that I neeeeeed in my life. Prices vary from about £10-15.

The final hair product I can't live without has to be the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Clean & Fresh. We all have those days that our hair needs a refresh and we haven't washed it - this product stops this from being a problem. It instantly revives the hair leaving a fresh finish. I love using this even when this isn't the case which is quite bad, but I find it helps add volume to my volume-lacking hair in an instant. I love the fresh smell of the clean & fresh one too, it's definitely my favourite of them all. The product costs £2.99 for 200ml.

And you've reached the end of the four hair products I can't live without! I love all four of the products and definitely think you should give them a go if you haven't already. What hair products can't you live without?

The lip liner that made me fall in love with lip liner.

The L'Oreal lip liner couture in 258 Berry Blush was not only the first lip liner I've ever purchased but also the lip liner that made me realise just how good lip liners are. 

The L'Oreal lip liner couture is a gorgeous red colour with a hint of pink making it a bolder my lips but better colour. I brought it to use just as a regular lip liner, as an outline on my lips but have been loving using this one as an all over lip colour. I find it really enhances my natural lips and goes perfect with almost any look. 

As to the L'Oreal lip liner as a product it has a really smooth texture, that glides on my lips with ease. It also lasts a lot longer than I was expecting - 3 to 4 hours before needing a touch up. When worn as an outline around my lip alongside a lipstick it stops any bleeding, but also helps make my cupids bow more defined. 

The only thing I really dislike about the lip liner is the fact that it's one that needs sharpening, but if I'm honest that's not something to complain about, it's just me being lazy. 

Overall, I'm so glad I tried this lip liner; I love it if you haven't already guessed and can't way to try more from this line from L'Oreal. 

What's your favourite lip liner? Have you tried any from L'Oreal?

Recent Purchases Haul/First Impressions.

Seen as I've brought a few bits lately I thought I'd share with you a mini haul/first impressions. There's a few bits I've been loving, whilst others I'm not so sure on.

The first product I picked up was the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Warm Apricot. I ran out of my beloved Laura Mercier primer at the beginning of last month so was in desperate need of a primer; after asking on Twitter this was one that kept picking up so I thought I'd give it a go. I love the texture of this product when first applied - my skin is left so soo smooth to the touch, baby skin like. My only problem however is I'm not finding it makes any difference to how long my foundation lasts. It's lasting the same time as without a primer which isn't quite what I'm looking for unfortunately.

The second product I've only tried twice but it has really impressed me - you were all right! It's the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte foundation. After applying my skin really does look flawless, I can't quite believe how good the result is. I'm not sure on the matte finish but it's definitely worth the hype, oh and it lasts all day no questions asked - an impressive feat as far as I'm concerned. 

The L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick in Eva's Nude was actually part of a 3 for 2 but has been a range I've wanted to try a lipstick from for a while now. The shade I've got is a gorgeous nude with a hint of pink hidden within. I'm really liking the formula, and the gorgeous packaging.

I also needed a powder desperately and decided I would go for something different; the L'Oreal True Match Powder. I can't comment too much on this but so far I'm liking the product. It seems to keep the oil from my face without overly mattifying my skin. I'll share a full review once I've used this one a little bit more.

Ahh, the next product is one that's very much been on many beauty bloggers radar recently, and considered a dupe to the Benefit Roller Lash. The Maybelline Lash Sensational is a mascara said to provide volume without clumping, but unfortunately I'm really not liking it and can't see the comparison at all. I'm finding the product really hard to brush through my lashes and not leaving a very impressive result. I will carry on trying this so maybe my opinion will change but so far it's completely different to what I was expecting.

The last and final product is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in lightscapade, a gorgeous looking highlighter that so far I'm really really liking. It's definitely not one to use all over but provides a really nice glow when used.

So that's the end of my recent purchases first impressions, have you tried any of these products? Have you purchased any new beauty bits recently?

Fitness Wishlist May 2015!

Fitness May 2015
Instead of doing a beauty wishlist this month I thought I'd do something slightly different. There isn't loads of beauty items I really really want at the moment and I've been upping my fitness game recently so it made sense to me to share a fitness wishlist instead, but don't worry I'll still be sharing a beauty wishlist towards the end of the month.

1) Nike Dual Fusion TR3 Ladies Trainers £42 (worth £59.99)
I'm training to run 5k at the moment but brought a pair of cheap Primark trainers which I'm finding lack much support for my feet. I've always wanted a pair of Nikes and these ones have cushioned soles whilst looking amazing! I'm holding back at the moment, but when I hit 5k I think I might just treat myself.

2) Karrimoor Running Vest £4.49
I have more crop tops fitness wise than sun-tops, and the weather's still a bit chilly out to be wearing crop tops running so I'd love to get a couple more. I really like the fitness range from Karrimoor and the blue would match the Nike trainers, how can I not want this, especially at the bargain price?

3) Apple Sport Watch £299
You might wonder why an earth I want this pricey new gadget from Apple, but oh my how pretty is it compared to other fitness watches? But besides that I also love the idea of being able to use particular apps and listen to my music without needing my phone on me - this little gadget does just that!

4) Pure Simple Sport Zone Vest £10 and Pure Simple Sport Bounce Capri Running Tights £15
This little fitness outfit was something I spotted in JD Sports sale section a while back and really loved the look of. The only reason I didn't purchase was they didn't have my size in the running tights. I love the unique design; it's much brighter than a lot of fitness clothing too. I would love to add this set to my collection.

5) Nike Miler Long Sleeved Top £25
Something else I want because the weather can't make its mind up at the moment... I often go running in the evenings and it's still a bit chilly to be wearing just a sun-top out. A long-sleeved top would solve this issue.

6) Nike Circuit Shorts £15
Ah, this caught the corner of my eye last minute and I couldn't not include them. It's simply a pair of shorts with two layers, the underlayer clings to the skin whilst the outerlayer is looser. I love the multi-toned colour design.

What's on your wishlist lately? Does it include any fitness items?

OOTD #4 - Outfit of the day!

So I brought a few new bits of clothes recently and today I thought I'd share with you an outfit wearing a couple of these items. Apparently I haven't done an Outfit of the Day post in nearly a year so it's also probably about time I do one lol. This outfit was designed to be a casual date night look.

The top is a gorgeous crop complete with lace detailing. The underlayer clings to the skin, with the front being opaque to ensure no bra is on show. On top of that is another more flowy layer that lightly flows on top covering the shoulders and flowing past the underlayer as you can see above. I saw a similar style top but I am so soo glad I spotted this one in Primark - it cost me just £8 compared to over £20. 

I matched this with my new skinny jeans from River Island. These have a rip design featured on both legs. I love the way the rip isn't over-exaggerated; I have wanted a pair like these for so long! These cost me £42. 

To dress the look up a little bit I put on a pair of wedges that were a favourite of mine last Summer. They are subtle wedges that give me a little bit of height whilst still being easy to walk in. These are also from River Island but unfortunately were brought last season so they might be a bit difficult to track down.

What do you think of this look? What do you tend to wear on date night?