5 minute face.

I'm a girl who likes her sleep and sometimes that means I pretty much have 5 minutes to put some makeup on. I think I've just about nailed it down to a tea so thought I would share my routine with you all.

One thing I will rarely leave the house without is some kind of base on my face, even if nothing else. Foundation and a primer takes way too long for a 5 minute face so a light easy base it is. My favourite at the moment is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - a base where one layer is so light but still covers up anything I want it too whilst being completely natural.

I'll then go in with some concealer, mainly on my dark circles under my eyes. My favourite lately has been the Soap & Glory Kick-Ass twist up conealer (yes, the one I won't stop talking about). It's a nice creamy formula that's easy to work with.

Following this it's time to add some shape to my brows using the Collection Eyebrow Definer. A bargain product with a fine tip that works amazingly at shaping my eyebrows, and lasts all day, and I mean all day!

After my basic base has been done I'll either set my makeup with some powder or apply some blusher to add a bit of colour. I've been choosing the blusher option lately, with the Makeup Revolution the One Blush Stick being my go-to choice.

And to finish it off I like to define my lashes as I always feel strange without wearing mascara, so on the mascara goes. At the moment I'm using the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and loving the results.

And viola, my makeup is done all in five minutes! What products do you use on those mornings you really don't have time and chose your bed over getting up? Do you have any tips for me?


  1. Claire Cavanagh16 June 2015 at 12:46

    I'm the same - if I'm in a rush, then I need to make sure my base is sorted before all else! These sound like lovely products, will have to give some of them a go :)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

  2. Haha, it's so funny this is almost the same exact way I opened a post on a 5 minute eye look the other day (by pointing out how much I enjoy my sleep). I suppose that's pretty common. I always do something with my eyes, no matter the time. I usually start with eyes first and do my base last. :)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. So many great products here!

    Lauren x | http://kissand-make-up.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Thanks for sharing your routine, when I'm in a hurry i use bb cream, liquid liner, mascara and a bold lipstick!!


    The Color Palette

  5. The more I read about Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, the more I want to try it! Great picks :)

    Beth x