OOTD #5 - outfit of the day!

new look summer outfit of the day
new look summer outfit of the day
new look summer outfit of the day

Playsuits are one of my favourite things to wear in the Summer, even if I only own two of them due to my own fussiness. I love how easy and light they are to wear.

The one above is one I recently purchased from New Look for £22.99. It is navy coloured with a flower design and lace detailed in key areas. The material is very light and one I thought would need ironing after every wash - this isn't the case at all. The playsuit comes out the wash ready to wear immediately.

I paired the playsuit with a pair of small heeled sandals also from New Look. I chose these as I am quite small so I like to give myself a bit of extra height. I love the simple design, and being white they will match with pretty much most Summer clothes. They cost £17.99.

What is your favourite outfit to wear in the Summer?

What's in my holiday makeup bag?

holiday makeup bag 2015

Considering I recently said you should limit how much makeup you pack in my 10 tips to help you pack less post I may have gone a bit overboard myself. I have definitely taken less makeup items than last year - but still way too many if I am honest.

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy review.

first aid beauty eye duty review
first aid beauty eye cream review
first aid beauty eye duty review

I have loved the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream ever since I first purchased the product; I have even accidentally included it in two mid-month favourites. So, today I am going to share with you a full review on the amazing product.

It is described as being a "high performance eye treatment which instantly smoothes and brightens the eye area." It is also said that it "helps to deminish dark eye circles" and has "advanced anti-ageing effects."

On first use I immediately spotted the salmon coloured solution and the silver spoon like applicator. On use the applicator is extremely cooling as it is metal and helps reduce any puffiness very quickly.

The eye treatment itself is amazing, I honestly can't believe how good it is. It does everything it is said to do, my dark eye circles are gone within seconds. I normally leave it for a minute before continuing with the rest of my routine. When I look in the mirror after this time I always notice how much brighter my eyes look, and this is coming from someone who suffers badly from dark circles.

Unfortunately I can't comment on the anti-ageing effects but it wouldn't surprise me if it does help as it has surpassed my expectations in every other way.

I am so glad I ordered this product on a whim when I saw a tutorial involving the product on YouTube. It is one eye cream well worth the hype and worth investing in. It is also on offer at Beauty Bay currently with a discount of just over £4.

Have you given the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy a go? What was your thoughts?

10 tips to help you pack less!

10 tips help you pack less

When packing for holiday I always seem to pack too much, and not only that I never even use half of the items I bring. That being said I thought I would share with you 10 tips to help you pack less.

1) Limit how much makeup you bring - do you really need half of your collection? I don't know about you but I know when I am going on holiday I barely wear any makeup at all, just some concealer, mascara and of course I slightly define my eyebrows. I might dress my makeup up in the evening, but even that isn't likely to be every night.

2) How many days are you going away for? Take that amount of outfits plus one more dressy one. Even that is probably too many but any more than this guide, take another look, and remember you are only likely to be wearing one outfit per day, you honestly don't need more.

3) Limit your shoes to three pairs - a pair of flipflops, a pair of sandals and a pair of heels is more than enough shoes for a holiday.

4) Decanter, decanter, decanter - do you really need a full sized day cream that lasts you more than a month to be taking up any more space than it needs to? Decantering can help save you some space for those precious holiday souvenirs.

5) Only take a beach towel - I know it is nice to have your own towel but hotels provide you with towels daily for a reason. And it saves you space whilst helping you pack less.

6) Take minis - there the best thing to buy before a holiday and most of the time you are going to finish the product up whilst you are away so minis also mean less to pack when you are coming home.
7) Make sure you only take one handbag - again do you really need two handbags? Scrap that, you don't need to even pack a bag, take one with your hand luggage. Even if you are taking a large hand luggage holdall you can still bring a handbag on top of that without breaking any airport regulation rules.

8) Leave your straighteners at home - this one is especially crucial if you are going on a beach holiday. You are likely to be in and out of the water all day, if you do bother to straighten your hair it is only going to get destroyed once you go back in the water.

9) Take a mini hair-dryer - I am sure you can live without your full power hair-dryer that may not even be full power where you are going. A mini one means that if the hotel doesn't have one for any reason then you are covered without wasting suitcase space. Besides, if you don't take a hair-dryer at all beach hair is amazing.

10) Use a smaller suitcase - it sounds obvious, but if you use a smaller suitcase then you have to pack light so you are going to be more picky and only take what's most important. If it doesn't make the most important list is it something you really need?

What would be your tips to help you pack less? Have any of my tips helped you?

Mid-month beauty favourites July 2015.

I may be a bit late this month but it is once again time for my mid-month favourites for the month, ps you are reading this post whilst I am in Turkey sunning it right now.

Travel Tech Wishlist.

When you go on holiday do you like to have certain pieces of technology with you?

I am going on holiday tomorrow and there has been a few tech products I have been lusting after so today I thought I would share with you a wishlist showing you some of these products. 

1) Helsinki Selfie Stick - Going on holiday a selfie stick is the perfect way to take pictures when no-one is around to take one for you, but the one thing my current selfie stick is lacking is a capture button. I love the idea of being able to take photos exactly when I am ready, rather than using a timer.

2) A Panasonic bridge camera - My old Fujifilm XF1 camera broke a while back and I have wanted a new camera ever since. I have always loved the idea of having the ability of a DSLR and have thought bridge cameras would be the perfect inbetween. I love the look of the Panasonic DMC-FZ72; it has a super-wide angle and an amazing 60x zoom. It is also very well spec'ed for being priced at around £200.

3) Waterproof phone case - I've just brought a brand new phone and I'm so scared I am going to break it on my holiday, especially by the beach so I figured a waterproof case would be perfect for this. I also have a tendency to drop my phone 10x a day so I'm sure the extra protection will do my phone good. I don't like how bulky it would make my phone but I am sure it is worth it for the protection, even if only for the holiday period. 

4) Cube Talk 9x tablet - This is one I don't necessarily need for holiday but I have wanted a new tablet for a while now. I love the large retina screen and even though it isn't made by a UK brand the reviews seem to rate it highly enough that it is worth the risk for what I want, and it also saves me paying more than triple the price.

5) Fujifilm Waterproof Single Use camera - I haven't worked out quite why I want a waterproof camera so much but the idea of being able to take photos underwater without a worry sounds great. As it is not something I am likely to be using regularly I thought a disposable one would be the perfect starter one.

Is there any items you have at the top of your travel tech wishlist? Have you ever tried using a waterproof/underwater camera?

25 films you have to watch!

Do you ever sit down wondering what film to watch next? Well today I have 25 films for you that I really believe you have to watch at least once.
1) Forest Gump
2) Dirty Dancing
3) In Time
4) Friends with Benefits
5) The Lion King
6) The Holiday
7) Underworld Awakening
8) The Proposal
9) Bring It On
10) Shawshank Redemption

11) Mean Girls
12) Flight
13) Taken
14) Pretty Woman
15) Fast and Furious

16) 21 Jump Street
17) American Pie: The Reunion
18) Ghost
19) John Wick
20) Inception

21) Matilda
22) Cool Runnings
23) Avatar
24) Kick-Ass
25) The Inbetweeners Movie

Are any of these films your favourites? What shall I watch next? Let me know in the comments below.

My lipstick collection.

lipstick collection 2015

Lipsticks were a beauty product that only started to become an essential in my life about three years ago. Since then I seem to have somehow built a pretty big collection so today I thought I would share my lipstick collection with you all.

lipstick collection 2015 high end

I have a total of 7 high-end lipsticks from a mix of brands. My absolute favourite has to be my Chanel Rouge Coco hydrating creme lip colour lipstick in the shade Orchidee (the Italian shade name). It is a gorgeous deep redy-pink shade that immediately completes a makeup look and still keeps my lips relatively moisturised.

My first high-end lipstick purchase was from Bobbi Brown, the Bobbi Brown Lip Color in the shade Blondie Pink - the most perfect neutral lipstick ever. I also have a lipstick from Illamasqua's Glamore Lipstick Collection in the shade Cherub. My first and so far only lipstick from MAC is from the Cremesheen selection; an amazing red shade (Brave Red).

Last year I picked up a Clinique Chubby Stick lipstick in the shade 07 Super Strawberry. I love the formula of this one way too much; it is incredibly moisturising and still adds colour to my lips. This year I picked up two more lipsticks from their Pop Lip Lipstick collection. I have the shades Melon Pop and Cherry Pop.

lipstick collection 2015 the body shop

Working at The Body Shop previously definitely gave me a soft spot for their lipsticks - I love them all and would love to own every single shade from The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick collection.

I have the shades 110, 125, 130, 330, two 18's (my favourite of the bunch) and 03. I also have 06 from the older design packaging.  

lipstick collection 2015 drugstore uk

As to the drugstore, Boots and Superdrug, I have a few lipsticks in my collection from quite a few brands.

First up is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm lipstick in the most amazing orange shade - Audacious. It is the only orange lipstick I own but the colour is stunning, definitely one you need to try if you haven't already. I also have one of their Colorburst Lip Butters in the shade Candy Apple.

I have two of the Maybelline Colour Elixirs in the shades Petal Plush and Blush Essence. These are perfect if you are having a dry lip day but still want some colour on your lips.

Rimmel-wise I have two of their Lasting Finish Lipsticks. I have the shade 170 Alarm - a pure red lipstick. I also have the shade 107 from the Kate Moss Collection.

Two lip products that surprised me came from L'Oreal - the Infallible Lip Colours. I have the shades 110 Timeless Rose and 121 Flawless Fuschia.

From L'Oreal I also have two more products, one a firm favourite of mine, from the Colour Riche collection. I have the shade Eva's Nude and can safely say this lipstick is one of the best formulas from the drugstore. Lastly I have one of their Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick but I can't tell you the shade as it has rubbed off, oops. It is however a gorgeous mauve pink colour.

lipstick collection 2015

Ah, it is time for the last few lipsticks in my collection.

The Bourjois Color Boost lipstick in the shade 05 Red Island is a lush red lipstick with a very shiny finish, it is a lipstick I really don't wear enough. The Artdeco Hydra Lip Booster is technically a lipgloss but the colour is so pigmented it had to be included in my lipstick collection - I have the shade 39. Another pigmented lipgloss is the Bourjois Effet 3D in the shade 23, this time a bright pink glittery shade perfect for parties. The last lipgloss I own is the Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss, a nude lightly glittery shade.

The final two products in my lipstick collection are very recent purchases but ones I have been beyond impressed with, they are simply amazing. They are Makeup Revolution's Lip Lavas in the shades Forgiven and Tremor - definitely worth picking up. As to the shades Forgiven is a pure neutral shade, and Tremor is on the soft pink side of things.

Wow, well that's my complete lipstick collection, 32 lipsticks! How many lipsticks do you have in your collection? What is your favourite lipstick?

Recently used up beauty bits April-July 2015.

As well as purchasing a fair few new beauty bits lately I have also used up quite a lot of products, more than I realised until I gathered all the items together for a photography session. Some products I have loved but there are a few I haven't gotten along with so well.

empties makeup july 2015

Spending ban round two.

spending ban

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that June was a spend crazy month for me - I went on several hauls including a high-end one. I also brought a few new Summer clothing items, and booked a holiday for this month.

That being said I don't really need anything this month except my Turkish Liras so I decided to put myself on a spending ban from the being of July with the aim of continuing it into August. I have a few rules I have made that I thought I would share in case any of you are placing yourself on a spending ban. 

1) The only beauty items I am allowed to purchase are ones where I literally have no other option meaning that I have to have used up any alternative options before I can make the trip to Boots.

2) I am allowed to buy a maximum of two items from duty free if  I have spare holiday money left on the way back.

3) Once I have used up 10 items I am allowed to purchase one new item.

4) I am allowed to spend a maximum of £50 on anything I like, but it has to be non-beauty related. This can include things like meals.

Are any of you on a spending ban or ever put yourself on one? What's your tips; did you have any rules?

14 beauty tips I'd tell my 14 year old self.

14 beauty tips 14 year old

Looking back when I was just starting to get into wearing makeup on a regular basis there are some things about my beauty routine I always wonder so today I thought I would share with you 14 beauty tips I would tell my fourteen year old self.

1) Two bright coloured eyeshadows really do not work together, wear similar shades if you're going to use more than one colour such as only browns or only purples.

2) If you're going to use a brush/sponge to apply your makeup then stick with a buffing brush or an expandable sponge - they really are the best ways to apply your base and don't leave marks.

3) Take off your makeup every night! It takes two seconds and you really can spare those extra two seconds to remove the days makeup.

4) Oh, and don't only use face wipes when you do remove makeup - they are okay every now and then but generally unhygienic so not the best plan.

5) When trying to match your foundation use your neck for guidance, you aren't quite as pale as you think you are.

6) Eyebrows! Stick to getting them waxed and don't try to pluck them yourself, you will only end up regretting it.

7) Also, use a eyebrow pencil to define your eyebrows - it makes a world of difference to your overall face.

8) A Tangle Teezer is your best friend, go purchase one!

9) Purchase a body scrub for the Summer, it will do amazing at helping you keep your already difficult-to-obtain tan.

10) The Gillette Simply Venus razors are the only razors you will need - three blades and a curving end. You will still be using them aged 23.

11) If you learn how to curl your hair now you will know how to do so forever, it can't be that difficult!

12) Gel liners will make lining your eyelids the easiest thing ever!

13) Twist-up shadow pencils too! Those lazy mornings when you really can't be bothered but want to look like you have made an effort, these will save your life.

14) A face spritzer/spray is the perfect way to refresh your face half way through the day when you are too lazy to do anything else.

What tips would you tell your fourteen year old self? Can you relate to any of the beauty tips I have mentioned?

Marc Jacobs Perfume Spring/Summer vs Autumn/Winter.

Marc Jacobs Lola perfume

Marc Jacobs Perfumes have always been a favourite of mine since I started my obsession with Lola back when I was in college and the massive flower lid caught my eye.

Last Spring I took a new venture and purchased the sister version, Oh, Lola - my now all-time favourite Spring and Summer perfume. Oh, Lola is definitely the lighter fragrance of the two with a Summery smell to the fragrance. It contains top notes of pear and effervescent raspberry followed by heart notes of peony, magnolia and cyclamen, and bottom notes of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla. I would describe it as a light fruity but flirty scent if that makes any sense.

The original Lola by Marc Jacobs is my favourite perfume for Autumn and Winter, and has been for about six years now since its original release. I'd describe the scent of this one as an evening smell, not that that stops me wearing it in the day. It is again a very flirty scent, but stronger and warmer than Oh, Lola. Lola contains top notes of pink peppercorn, pear and ruby grapefruit, heart notes of rose, fuchsia, peony and geranium and bottom notes of vanilla, warm tonka bean and creamy musk.

Both perfumes by Marc Jacobs last incredibly well on the skin with the scent lasting all day - I do tend to top it up if I'm going out for the evening but you can still notice the scent without touching up.

Even when I switch perfumes I always tend to go back to one of these Marc Jacobs ones and can't see that changing any time soon; what is your favourite perfume? Do you have one that tops them all?

*Just a little note, they have actually changed the packaging of Oh, Lola to a pink theme but it is still the same formula and perfume - I just have the older packaging.