Pretty Little Liars TAG.

I was a bit late to get on to the Pretty Little Liars bandwagon, storming through the entire series within the last couple of months or so but oh my I am so glad I did. It is one show that always has you on your toes, and leaves you wanting more. Having not done a TAG in forever today with the fAce to face being aired recently I thought it would be the perfect time to do the new Pretty Little Liars TAG.

1) Who is your favourite character?
Hanna, Aria or Caleb - it's too difficult to pick just one.

2) Who is your least favourite character?
Definitely Paige, I have never really liked her since she was first in it. I find her character boring and just generally annoying, why did her and Emily stay together for so long?

3) Who is your favourite couple?
Probably Hanna and Caleb - I loved how they initially got together, and despite Hanna's mums original opinion carried on seeing each other, she knew Caleb and that was that. Although I do hope Aria and Ezra get back together properly after the time jump.

4) Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment?
When Spencer and Caleb found the knife hidden under the leaves and decided they need to destroy it, but don't think about the fact that A is always watching resulting in Caleb nearly heating to death in a hot box. 

I also thought it was pretty stupid when Spencer wore the corset which had bones in and didn't realise immediately, surely she would have felt them when she put the corset on?

5) Favourite villain?
I think that has to be Mona. I love how her she plays both a friendly and a hateful character; she can jump between the two types of character so easily as well.

6) Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?
Either Spencer because of the whole making her believe Toby had died or Aria with the way her mum found out about her dad cheating.

7) Which girl's style do you love the most?

8) Which girl do you relate to the most?
Hmm, Hanna or Aria.

9) Who is your crush on the show?
Caleb - I love his personality in the show, he comes across as someone who would never be boring to be around, plus he's hot.

10) What was the most shocking moment for you?
I thought the moment when it was shared that Ezra knew all about the girls before he met Aria was a pretty shocking one. It was just completely unexpected and sudden, changing everything about the whole relationship between Aria and Ezra.

The fact that CeeCee was originally a boy was a shocking moment as well. CeeCee was one of the ones I thought could be A but I didn't expect the back-story behind her reasoning at all, I never even thought of it.

11) What would you do if A was after you?
Hopefully actually tell someone and then report it to the police. However, I think that would be easier said than done considering A would probably interfere.

12) What has been your favourite episode so far?
The first episode of season 6; it had me on the edge of my seat constantly wondering what was going to happen next. The season finale of season 5 was very well made as well.

Have you been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars? Is there anything you're hoping happens after the time jump?

Brand Focus: The Body Shop top picks.

Having being an avid fan of The Body Shop since my teen years I have built up a fair few favourite products and have some firm favourites I believe are really worth you picking up.

the body shop favourite products

First up is two products from their Vitamin E skincare range, the intense moisture cream and the nourishing night cream. Both are products that I always go back to without fail, and constantly repurchase - I really don't think I could live without these two products. 

The intense moisture cream is the perfect mix between a really light moisturiser and night moisturiser. It keeps my skin moisturised all day with ease. 

As to the night moisturiser, it is one of the only ones I have ever found to actually benefit my skin overnight where I have noticed. It leaves me fresh-faced, and again my skin is still moisturised come morning time. 

the body shop favourite products

The All-in-one Face Base is another The Body Shop product that I have loved for years. It is a powder with a slight colour to it but that colour is undetectable on the skin. The face base is a great one for touching up through the day, and getting rid of any excess shine that appears.

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation is one I only tried about a year ago now but was impressed from the first time I tried it. It is a cream to powder formulation that leaves a dewy flawless finish.

body shop favourite products

Next up is the Baked-to-Last Bronzers that not only look gorgeous but also have amazing finishes and lasting powder. They come in two shades, a darker and a lighter one. I love using the darker one more as a blusher in a bronzed makeup look, and the lighter one all over to add a glow to my overall makeup look.

the body shop favourite products

The Indian Night Jasmine EDT is a perfume that is perfect for evenings out. It is an extremely rich, floral fragrance and definitely my favourite perfume from The Body Shop. Mine still has the older style packaging, but is now completely empty - I cannot wait to get my hands on the newer, more elegant packaging.

the body shop favourite products

The Colour Crush Lipsticks from The Body Shop have been a favourite of mine ever since their release, and judging by my collection are my favourite lipsticks altogether. The shades range from neutral to pink to a dark red, and they are all so easy to wear and feel moisturising on the lips.

I have featured three of my favourite shades above; 18, 125 and 330.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? Have you tried any of my favourites?

5 excursions I recommend you do if you visit Turkey!

turkey landscape view

Last month me and my boyfriend headed on holiday to Turkey for an 8 night, 9 day break. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know we were pretty active and did a fair few excursions whilst we were away. Today I thought I would share with you the five excursions I recommend you do if you on holiday to Turkey yourself.

turtle beach turkey

1) Visit Turtle Beach - Whether you are actually lucky enough to see the turtles or not Turtle Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever been too. The sand is pure sand, soft and silky, the sea quite blue, and there is little hut umbrellas to keep you in the shade. It is in Dalyman, but many areas in Turkey do day trips there. I really wish we could have spent an entire day there exploring and relaxing.

mud bath turkey

2) Take a mud bath/thermal spa - A mud bath is always one of them things I have wanted to do - it is basically a full on mud mask for your entire body, and leaves your skin so smooth. It is the weirdest feeling stepping in that mud bath to start off with though as you sink into all the settled clay at the bottom of the mud bath. Afterwards you can rinse off and then step into a gorgeous thermal bath and just chill. It is so relaxing and definitely something I think everyone should try at least once.

all inclusive boat trip sea turkey

3) Go on an all-inclusive boat trip - There are loads of boats offering all-inclusive boat trips in Turkey all day everyday, including a Pirates of the Caribbean boat! The one we went on stopped off at three different spots in the sea with just amazing views. Each time we could jump in the bright clear blue water and take it all in and go for a swim or snorkel. I thought it was amazing. We also stopped off at this gorgeous little town with a miniature beach and all the souvenir shops you could dream of. Being all-inclusive you also could get as much food and as many drinks as you like, including alcoholic cocktails!

turkish bath turkey

4) Experience a Turkish bath - Turkey is a country well known for their Turkish baths, something I had no idea what it was but wanted to give a go myself. It was essentially a full body exfoliation followed by a bubble massage, the weirdest but most amazingly relaxing thing in the world - well until they poured cold water on us after. But it is definitely something worth trying. You can even go all out and have a full on spa treatment, for example we also went in the steam room, had an oil massage, and I had a face mask too.

turkey scuba diving

5) Scuba Diving - Imagine being able to see just pure clear blue sea water, and fishes in their natural habitat, this is what scuba diving was like for me. It's sooo cool to be able to see everything, and what is really underwater. Nothing is bothered by you being around either which for some reason surprised me. I only made it down for one dive as I am weird with being out of my depth underwater but it hasn't put me off and I am so glad I at least gave it a go.

What kind of excursions do you like to do on holiday? Have you ever been to Turkey?

Mid-month beauty favourites August 2015.

beauty favourites August 2015

How is it already the middle of August? I'm not sure I can believe it but it does mean it is time for me to share my mid-month beauty favourites with you. I have seven products for you this month, with one I have accidentally included again, I love the product that much.

Life update, spending ban update and holiday to Turkey 2015.

I haven't written an update post in forever so I thought it was about time I catch you all up to date on my life. First things first I am sure if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I am on a beauty spending ban. I have actually been doing pretty well at this but instead decided to do something I've wanted to do for a while now, my own Project Life.

As you can imagine this is quite a costly expense to start off so I have decided to extend my beauty spending ban to a full spending ban, so no beauty and no random purchases. I am however allowing myself to eat out as a treat, purchase some photos, and go on a few day trips; but hopefully me extending my spending ban will help me properly start saving.

I recently just got back from an amazing holiday to Turkey with my boyfriend. It was so so hot, 40 degrees (c), something completely new to me. It has left me with a tan I am quite impressed with though, even most of my foundations are too pale.

We were quite adventurous on holiday this year so we got fit quite a lot of activities in. We went on several boat trips, did a mud bath, went to Turtle Beach (the best beach ever, you have to go), went scuba diving, had a spa day including a Turkish Bath and road a horse. And, we still had time to chill on the beach or in our hotel pool.

It was definitely an awesome holiday, but much more English than I expected. The food was very English, but tasted nothing like English food weirdly, and everyone spoke English.

The sea was amazing on the boat trips, so blue, with amazing views. We even ended up having a random holiday photo shoot, why not?

Since I've got back we've just been chilling before going back to work, and eating way too much food out. I've caught up with a few people and took my car for its MOT ... and it passed!

What have you all been up to lately? Would you like to see more about my Project Life?

How to get the after holiday bronzed makeup look?

bronzed holiday makeup look
bronzed holiday makeup look

Having just gotten back from my holiday in Turkey all my foundations seem to be paler than my now tanned (whoop) skin tone. One of my favourite ways around this is to use bronzer to create an after holiday bronzed look. Today I am going to share with you my makeup routine on how to do this, for you.