Makeup Starter Kit.

When you first start getting properly into beauty and makeup it is hard to know which products to actually purchase. I know I wasn't sure, and it took a lot of trial and error to work out which products worked best for me. That being said, I wanted to share with you all a starter makeup kit.

makeup starter kit

The first thing I think is really important is getting the base right. A cheap but awesome product I discovered about a month a go is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. It feels light on the skin, but still covers where you need it to.

Project Life Haul / my new favourite way to keep memories.

For ages now I have wanted to start creating some form of an album that was slightly more creative; that was when I came across the whole Becky Higgins Project Life. It is exactly what I was looking for, an album but with a scrapbook feel to it as well.

I brought the main bits a couple of months back; the album, page protectors and cards, but recently have brought a few newer things so thought today I would share with you a haul and a little about the whole project.

project life haul hey little magpie

One of my favourite places to browse for stuff online for Project Life is Hey Little Magpie. This is also the place where everything I purchased in this haul is from. They literally have everything from the page protectors, to the card sets to washi tape to stickers.

This time I purchased a variety of card so I could create my own 6 x 4 cards. As I haven't brought one of the big core kits I keep finding I am lacking 6 x 4 cards but prefer the variety of having a few smaller sets than just the one so thought I would try making my own.

I also purchased 10 basic coloured washi tapes, arrow washi tape and bunting washi tape. I love using these for text and decoration.

Hey Little Magpie separate all the cards from some of the core kits too to create awesome samplers kits meaning you can get some of the cards from one of your favourite core kits without having to buy the entire set. This time I picked up two of the new Everyday sampler kits.

Everyday Project Life
Everyday Project Life Sampler kit
The album I am creating at the moment is based on the last year, which I am slowly catching up on. Below are some of my favourite pages I have created.

project life
project life
project life

I have been really enjoying creating this album of memories. I love how personalised I can make it, and that I am actually printing photos from my life. 

What is your favourite way to store all your memories? Have you ever thought about starting a Project Life type album? Let me know in the comments below :).

Worth the hype?

beauty hype 2015
beauty hype 2015

Brands launching new products often highly advertise their newly launched product. Some of these products are also extremely hyped up in the amazing blogosphere. Today I wanted to share with you five hyped up beauty products I've tried, and whether I think they are worth the hype.

First up is the MAC Mineralize Finish in Lightscapade. A product known for it's super soft texture, and pretty design it is essentially a high-end highlighter. The finish is gorgeous, but not too obvious that you look like a disco ball. But, in all honesty I have the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder which I believe does the job just as well.
Worth the hype? No, I love that I have it in my collection but it is in no way a necessity.
The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is a relatively new base to the scene, but one that I have read so much about and see it constantly being mentioned. It is a tinted gel that comes in ten colours, and easily adapts to your natural skin tone. The Complexion Rescue has a light, natural, glowy finish but somehow still has very good coverage.
So, is it worth the hype? YES hands down, I have just run out and I am gutted I am on a spending ban.

Another base that has had a lot of hype surrounding it is the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation. The foundation is said to be waterproof, steam proof and generally last very well, but this is something I have never got from the product. I don't know if it is just me but when I wear it it wears off within a couple of hours. I'm also not keen no the finish of the base.
Worth the hype? Not for me.

The Clinique Chubby Sculpting Contour Stick is another well hyped product. A stick to easily draw in where you want to contour before blending, not only sounds amazing but is amazing. It also blends so easily and even works really well with pale skin. Don't let the look of the dark shade put you off.
Worth the hype?  Yes.
Last up is the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy; a product I only brought after physically seeing the product used in a YouTube video and being immediately amazed. It is designed to instantly smoothe and brighten the eye area, and it definitely does! My black circles are something I have never really noticed a difference with until I tried this eye cream from First Aid Beauty.
Worth the hype? Again, it is another big fat yes.

What beauty products have you tried that are hyped up? Have you found them to be worth the hype?

Soap & Glory Whipped Cream Shower Butter review.

soap & glory shower butter
soap & glory shower butter
soap & glory shower butter

The Soap & Glory Whipped Cream Shower Butter is a divine product; one I have been meaning to review for a long time.

In short the Soap & Glory shower butter is essentially a thick moisturising gel, that is perfect for those mornings when you really don't have time to do the whole 'sit down and wait for it to sink in' after showering.

Soap & Glory describe the product as being "creamy, cleansing and super-softening," and that it "puts some seriously moisturising power into your shower." I hands down agree with this, it really is incredibly moisturising whilst it still creams up to wash my body, just like my regular shower gel does, as well.

The formula is 25% moisture oils and butters which is what makes the whipped cream shower butter so unique, but also ensures the shower butter does it's job.

As to the scent it is similar to the Smoothie Star range by Soap & Glory, fragranced with pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. It is very warm smelling if that makes any sense.

All in all, the Soap & Glory shower butter review is one I definitely recommend you give a go if you haven't already. It really is the lazy girl's dream.

Have you tried the whipped cream shower butter from Soap & Glory? What's your favourite product from Soap & Glory?

September Wishlist 2015.

september wishlist

1) Lorac Touch-up to go Concealer/Foundation Pen $28
I have been wanting to try a product from Lorac for ages now but when I saw this I had to have it, or at least put it on the top of my wishlist. I loved the look of the formula from the moment I saw Fleur de Force talk about it in a YouTube haul. I think it would be the perfect touch up tool inbetween a concealer and a foundation.