Lush Rose Jam shower gel and why I love it so much.

lush rose jam shower gel

The Lush Rose Jam shower gel is a yearly limited edition product that only comes around at Christmas, and once it's gone it's gone. It is my all-time favourite shower gel, which is something I really cannot see ever changing.

Today I thought I would share with you why I love it so much;
- the scent is divine
- it feels way more luxurious than my other shower gels
- it is more of a cream shower gel
- a tiny pea-size amount creates so many bubbles on my bath lilly
- the scent spreads around the room
- it smells of rose
- the scent lingers on my skin
- the scent is strong, but it isn't too over-powering
- it doesn't interfere with my perfume
- did I mention it smells of rose?

What's your favourite shower gel? Have you tried the Lush Rose Jam shower gel?

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