I'm back // An Update // Homeware Wishlist!

As you may have noticed I have disappeared from the world of blogging over the past few months, but I'm back, hopefully regularly again. I have also re-designed my blog, but in the process seem to have lost most of the comments I had on my blog for some reason, so feel free to have a commenting spree haha.

Now for a mini update, life has just generally been crazy busy, crazy good busy, but crazy busy.

I've been on holiday to Tenerife, been to a mini Spa weekend, oh and me and the other half are actually in the process or purchasing our first flat together with a garden, and all that goes with that. 

I've also worked a lot, I work six day weeks every other week and long hours.

So today I thought I would start off with a mini homeware wishlist as I seem to constantly find 
myself looking up all kinds of homeware wonders.

home wishlist 2016