New Spectrum brush additions.

Spectrum brushes
After loving the Spectrum Marbleous 7 piece eye set brushes I received for Christmas I have been wanting to pick up a few more brushes for a while. A few months back, around March, they had an offer with 20% off so I decided to pick up a few more brushes, and today I thought I would share what I picked up with you and my thoughts. 

The first brush I picked up has to be my absolute favourite from this haul and is the Spectrum A04 Strong Finish brush. It is a medium sized brush designed to be used for either your highlight, bronzer or powder, all for all three. I use it for my highlight and love the intensity it provides. It picks up the perfect amount of product to add that glow to the tops of my cheeks, and anywhere else I fancy. The size of the brush also means it is so easy to blend out my highlight too. 

The Spectrum A05 Precision Blush brush was the next brush I went for, another medium sized brush, but this time designed to create shaded and highlighted cheekbones. I like to use this for applying my blusher and find it works really well. It easily picks up all products I have tried it with, and similarly to the Strong Finish brush it picks up the perfect amount of product. The slanted edge and medium size makes it ever so easy to blend my blusher out, without leaving any harsh lines.

I also picked up the Spectrum B04 Angled Blender brush, an angled brush designed to contour the eyes, which is pretty much what I use it for. I love using this brush to add a second crease colour to my eye which creates a more contoured look. The shape of the brush means it is ever so easy to get in to add the finer details any eye look too, and I find I can easily get into the corners of my eye with this brush. This is also a great multi-tasker brush that blends out any eyeshadows used with ease. 

The Spectrum B06 Tall Tapered Blender brush is the next brush I picked up. This is actually the second tall tapered blender brush I now own, as I kept finding myself using this on darker shades so I thought a second brush would be useful. This is Spectrum's most popular eye blending brush and I can see why, it blends everything with ease. My favourite use for this one is blending out any eyeshadow under my lower lash line, the narrow head of this brush makes this task so easy. 

The final brush I picked up was the Spectrum A08 Medium Fluffy Shader brush. I picked this one up as it is a flatter wider brush compared to the Tall Tapered Blender brush, which I thought would be another great blending brush. It is great for this but I haven't actually found myself reaching for this brush anywhere near as much as I thought I would. The brush is also great for applying one shade across the lid and blending it out, but I really don't use it enough. 

Overall I am so glad I picked up a few more brushes from Spectrum and I am really happy with my picks. I love the fact that Spectrum brushes are synthetic and that they all work incredibly well. The Spectrum Marbleous 5 Piece Sculpt Set is next on my wishlist.

Have you tried Spectrum brushes before? What is your favourite makeup brush?

Colourpop haul round 2.

Colourpop haul

Following on from my first ever Colourpop haul, free international shipping on any amount became available, and of course I couldn't resist. I made 6 orders (yes, I have a problem) so ended up picking up quite a bit, so today I thought I would share these with all with you.

4 years on from graduation.

four years on from graduation

4 years on from graduation, and I've only just got the dream job for me, so today I thought I would share with you my experience. I don't know about you, but when I went to university there was a lot expected from me. I was expected to leave university and walk straight into the start of my career, but unfortunately it isn't as simple as that, or it wasn't as simple as that for me. 

The Ordinary haul and first impressions.

The Ordinary introduction

Ever since I first heard about The Ordinary I have been extremely excited, and wanting to pick a few things up. The idea behind The Ordinary is what made me intrigued. All of their products have been created as no thrill products, with the aim to bring proven skincare ingredients at affordable prices. I love this concept, and if this means I can pick up a product with a specific ingredient which works for me at a fraction of the price, how could I say no?

When I heard about the release of their foundations I immediately signed up to the waitlist and decided I would finally pick up a few products. Today I thought I would share what I picked up and my first impressions of those I have been using. I received the products roughly a month now.

Current beauty wishlist.

June beauty wishlist.

After having a bit of a spendy couple of months beauty wise I am trying to be super good, and not buy any beauty products unless I literally have no alternative. That being said, that doesn't mean I'm not tempted, so today I thought I would share with you some of the things at the top of my beauty wishlist.

May beauty favourites.

May beauty favourites

Wow, I can't believe we are now in June and I am here typing up my latest favourites post. Let's just hope June means the sun is here to stay.

Upping my skincare game.

skincare routine

Skincare is an area I have always been incredibly lazy with. I tend to go through phases where I'm really good at following a routine, but this soon seems to disappear into simply micellar water and moisturiser. However, at the end of March I decided I really needed to up my game, and provide my skin with the love it should have and stick to a routine.

With this in mind I purchased a few bits at the end of March, and I have now been solidly using all products continuously, so today I thought I would share with you my current skincare routine and current thoughts.

An outfit of the day at the National Trust Mottisfont.

Mottisfont national trust
Mottisfont Abbey

A couple of weeks ago me and the other half decided to make the most of a sunny day and headed to the National Trust Mottisfont. It actually rained on our journey there, but luckily it brightened up again by the time we arrived. 

Mottisfont Abbey is a beautiful large country house set in gorgeous river side gardens full of blooming flowers, ancient trees, and extremely large areas of lawn. 

Colourpop haul and swatches.

Colourpop haul
colourpop international haul

Ever since Colourpop was formed roughly three years ago I have been wanting to try their products, but I have always resisted the urge. About a month ago I gave in and placed an order of around £40 with free shipping. 

5 products you need for that glowy look.

5 products glowy look

I may be writing this as it pours down with rain outside but it is technically Spring, so as far as I am concerned it is time for all your glowy products to come out. Although, I personally quite like quite a glowy look all year round. So, enough rambling from me, today I have put together a group of 5 products that I think you need to give a try to get that glowy look. 

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation review.

maybelline fit me matte and poreless

You may have seen me mention the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation in my recent favourites post here, but as I have been enjoying the foundation so much I couldn't not write a full review on it and share my thoughts. 

The Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation is said to mattify and refine pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin, leaving a natural, seamless finish. 

Primark Sunflower Eye Patches Vs. Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask.

sephora vs primark eye masks

As somebody who suffers from really bad dark eye circles, an eye mask is something I like to treat myself to every now and then. My favourite has always been the Sephora Pomegranate eye mask, but unfortunately that's not the easiest one to get hold of here in the UK. 

A little while ago I spotted Primark had started selling eye patches, so of course I had to give them a try. Today I thought I would share with you a comparison of the eye patches and eye mask.

A spendy high-end haul.

high end haul

Yes, yes, I may have gone a bit spendy the last couple of months so I am now on a spending ban, well other than Colourpop having free international shipping so a few small orders to avoid customs may have been made... Hmm. It was my birthday in March... Anyways, enough of my ramblings, today I'm here to share with you the new high-end bits I have picked up over the last couple of months.

urban decay electric palette

The first product was actually one I managed to persuade my boyfriend to pick me up, as I spotted that we could get it for just over £20, and is the Urban Decay Electric palette. I've been really enjoying creating brighter looks lately so thought this would be the perfect addition. It has such good reviews and it is so pigmented, I can't wait to play around with this some more. 

too faced natural eyes matte palette

The Too Faced 'Natural Eyes' palette in matte was the next thing I picked up, the complete opposite, but something which has been on my wishlist for a while now. The only matte eyeshadows I really had weren't all that pigmented so a matte palette is something I have been after for a while, and I'm so glad I got this one. My favourite shades so far are strapless and honey butter.

mac fruity juicy fruit a la la

I also picked up one more palette (I have a problem) because I couldn't resist the packaging of the new MAC limited edition Fruity Juicy line. I went for the eyeshadow palette in Fruit A La La, a very pink toned palette with a couple of lighter shades thrown in too. I haven't played around with this one too much yet but the swatches really impressed me.

anastasis beverly hills glow kit sundipped nars illuminator

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sundipped is another beauty product I have been lusting after for a while now. For some reason I don't own that many highlighters and I really wanted something a little more intense so I thought this would be a great product to give a go. The only shade I can't get away with using as a highlighter is bronzed, but I think this would be great as an eyeshadow. The pigmentation is incredibly impressive, and on first impressions I have been seriously loving this. 

Keeping on the glowy side of things I also picked up an old favourite of mine, the NARS Liquid Illuminator in the shade orgasm. I love mixing this one in with my foundation to add a more glowy, slightly bronzed look. It is too dark to use as a highlighter for my extremely pale skin but I'm not planning on using it for that so I'm okay with that.

estee lauder double wear light MAC melba

A foundation that I have been tempted by since its release is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, of which I got a sample a couple of months back and fell in love with and had to purchase the full size. I've always liked the sound of the original foundation but I tend to go for lighter foundations so this one is perfect for me, medium coverage and long-lasting. I talked about it in my monthly favourites here.

Along with the palette at the beginning of this post I also picked up a MAC Powder Blusher in the shade melba, a gorgeous soft coral with peach tones to it. This is a matte finish that lasts incredibly well and just adds that perfect flush of colour to the skin. It is the first blusher I have tried from MAC, but I am seriously impressed. 

jour lip topper mac stila

The last three, or technically 7 things, I picked up involve 6 lip products. I couldn't resist the Jouer Limited Edition Lip Topper in the shade rose gold. This is a gorgeous rose gold lip topper, as the name suggests, which you can apply on its own or on top of your lip colour. I find this really plumps up my lips and just transforms my lips into something a little different. I love it. 

As you may have already seen, I also picked up the MAC Look in a Box Kit in Be Sensational. This kit contains 5 mini lipsticks in a variety of shades and finishes, and also includes the famous velvet teddy. I don't own too many MAC lipsticks so thought this would be a great way to try a few more.

The last product I picked up was another glitter one, it is the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow (yes, the name is really that long), in the shade bronzed bell. I picked this up with 20% off, but I would happily pay full price as the product is amazing. The liquid eyeshadow blends with ease, and again just adds that something extra to your look. It lasts incredibly well too.

And that's the end of my high-end haul, I can't wait to play around with everything some more. What have you picked up recently? Have you tried anything from I picked up?

April favourites.

april 2017 beauty favourites

I haven't written a favourites post in such a long time, but now I've got back to blogging regularly again I wanted to share with you all my April favourites. I can't believe we are now in May, how crazy is that? Anyway, let's get onto the favourites.

MAC Look in a Box: Be Sensational review.

mac look in a box

MAC lipsticks are something I always want, but I actually only owned 4 prior to this order, so I thought this collection would be my perfect way to try out a few more shades. The MAC Look in a Box is a limited edition collection with a variation of sets from 5 mini lipsticks like I got in this set to a full face of products. I've got the MAC Look in a Box: Be Sensational. 

My makeup storage.

ikea dressing table

Having had only one drawer for my makeup collection, whilst my makeup collection was ever expanding, I found my makeup so unorganised and annoying to access. However, the other week I finally brought the bloggers favourite, the Ikea Alex, and I am so much happier with how much more organised everything is. So, today I thought I would share you how I organise my makeup collection.

A few more from NYX.

NYX haul

Following on from my mini reviews on my first ever NYX haul last month, today I am back with a few more products from NYX. NYX is a brand I seem to be constantly wanting to buy more from, and the affordable prices seem to somehow make it more justifiable. 

The high waisted lace up jeans from Missguided.

spring fashion missguided new look

Jeans are always something I am so, so fussy with, I want them to fit as perfectly as possible but unfortunately  this is definitely something I struggle with. I have a small waist and a much larger bum, which doesn't always work together very well.

That's when I spotted and purchased these jeans from Missguided for just £30 before discount, and fell in love. So, today I thought I would share with you my favourite way to wear these jeans at the moment. 

new look fishnet

Four disappointing beauty products.

disappointing beauty

There are so many beauty products in the blogging community that are very hyped, with many living up to the hype, but there are always a few after purchasing, that I personally don't find are worth the hype. So, today I thought I would share with you four disappointing beauty products.

The Body Shop Face Contouring Palette first impressions.

the body shop face contouring palette

The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite brands, but somehow I seemed to completely miss the recent launch of their Face Contouring Palette. That being said, as soon as I spotted it on their Instagram, I went straight to the shop to pick myself one up, so today I thought I would share with you my first thoughts.

My 25th birthday holiday to Prague!

A couple of weeks a go it was my birthday, and I was very lucky that a short trip away to Prague was my birthday present from my other half, Luke. Today I thought I would share a short post on our holiday, but I will warn you now, this is going to be a picture heavy post.

Prague roofs

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint Lacquer review.

loreal infallible lip paint

The L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint Lacquer is one of the most random purchases I have made recently. I needed a new mascara, and there was a 3 for 2 offer on, so I picked this product up in the shade 102 Darling Pink and it has seriously wowed me. 

Spectrum Marbleous 7 piece smoke set review.

Spectrum Marbleous smoke set

I always used to own a random collection of eye brushes, until last Christmas when I received the Spectrum Marbleous 7 piece smoke set, a game changing set of eye brushes. 

Is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Pillow Talk Lipstick worth the hype?

charlotte tilbury review

The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the limited edition shade Pillow Talk has been talked about so much in the blogger world since its release, but is it really worth the hype?

Korean beauty wishlist.

Korean Beauty

Korean beauty is something that has been appearing a lot over the last couple of years within the beauty world. I didn't think too much about picking anything up until I had a browse myself and ended up lusting after a few bits. That being said, today I thought I would share with you some of the things which have made my wishlist. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) Southampton review.

gbk southampton

Burger bars are definitely not my first choice  when it comes to restaurants, I'm not sure why, but I just don't seem to visit them very often. However, when myself and my colleagues visited Southampton's Gourmet Burger Kitchen  the other week their onion rings and chips looked amazing, so I had to drag the boyfriend (Luke) there to give it a try as I didn't get anything the first time round. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid foundation review.

urban decay all nighter liquid foundation review

A foundation which drew me in from the second I saw it was the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid foundation. Everything from the pretty packaging to the idea that it is long-lasting, to the flawless-looking complexion it promised to give, I just had to have it.

Garnier Oil-infused Micellar Water Vs. the original Garnier Micellar Water.

Garnier micellar water review

Over the last couple of years micellar water has become a massive thing within the beauty world, whether you're being lazy or using it as the first step in a beauty routine. Every brand seems to have their own one, but one brand I always go back to for their micellar water is Garnier. 

A NYX haul and mini reviews.

NYX haul

Ever since I heard NYX was going to be coming to Boots I got so excited, but we are yet to have a NYX stand in the Southampton store, which slightly confuses me. However, back in September last year I came across a NYX stall and decided to make the most of it and finally picked a few things up. Some of the products I purchased have become firm favourites, others not so much. 

Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse Collaboration.

Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse

Disney collaborations are some of my favourites, and having missed out on the Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh collaboration, I could not miss out on the Mickey Mouse collaboration.

Oval makeup brushes - are they worth the hype?

Makeup Revolution oval brushes

A little while ago I decided to make a little purchase into the world of oval makeup brushes. Ever since the Artis Oval makeup brushes made their way into the blogging world I wanted to know more.

Oxygen Freejumping, Southampton.

Oxygen Freejumping

So this post may be a little overdue, but back in October a few of the Sotonbloggers gang and I were invited down to Oxygen Freejumping for a complimentary one hour bounce session.

Life update round 2.

Okay, my post in October saying I am back may have been a slight lie as I have only posted two posts since then, so let's start again, with another little life update. 

Lush Christmas Sale 2016.

Lush sale 2016

Once again the Lush website went crazy with over 100,000 people in the queue at one point but being a Lush lover like myself I couldn't resist making a few purchases and was somehow successful.