Just a quick note;

From the 10/06/14 any products marked with a * could either be a free sampling product or a PR sample. If the product is marked with an asterisk I will state at the end of the page whether it is a free sample or PR sample. Any views stated are entirely my own, and in no way a reflection of the company the product is from. They are honest and my true opinion. I will only feature a product if I believe it fits in with my blog, and is something you as my readers will want to hear about.

Posts starting with an * have been marked like this due to being a sponsored post. Of course I will only ever accept sponsored posts in relation to my blog. They have to be something I believe will benefit my readers and fits in with my blog. Similarly to any samples everything stated within the post is all my own opinions, and doesn't reflect the brand I'm mentioning in any way.

From 21/02/2015 It's a blondiie thing! uses affiliate links through skimlinks.

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