I always find empties posts a good read. In my opinion, for a product to reach the end it must have been good or it would still be sitting on the side. So, here’s my first empties post with empties from the last month or so.

First up is Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturiser. I actually received this as a Christmas present in a gift set alongside a few other Origins products. The size I had was a 30ml and lasted me about two months, so the price is definitely worth it. As to the actual product, it claims that “lacklustre-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalised to create a healthy, vibrant glow.” After using the product my skin does feel instantly refreshed and brightened, but also moisturised. The cream is relatively light-weight, something I always want from my day cream. The bonus of this product is it also smells gorgeous, like fresh oranges – a perfect lift-me-up in the morning.

Next is the Rimmel wake me up concealer. I’m always on the lookout for a good concealer and this one attracted me for it’s wake me up properties so to speak. It claims to have an “anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow.” I believe this product does indeed brighten my eyes up, and provide a radiant glow. However, it doesn’t seem to cover my black circles entirely unfortunately.

L’Oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution. Micellar solutions have become a bigger thing over the last year or so, with more becoming available and heard of rather than just Bioderma. I found this product to effectively move the majority of my makeup besides eyes, so I have been using an additional product alongside. It is a great simple product that does its job effectively. If you are someone who tends to use face wipes, this is a nice easy swapover, and probably a tad more hygenic.

Garnier skin naturals fresh essentials refreshing toner. I just want to state that this has been my favourite toner over the last six months or so, and I am gutted to see they have changed the formula with different extracts. This one is enriched with grape extracts, and is lovely and refreshing on the skin. It helps instsantly brighten and tone, whilst getting rid of any excess dirt left behind after the first stage of your skincare routine.

Benefit it’s potent! eye cream. I purchased a samples set of the majority of the Benefit skincare range a while back, and this was one product I was really excited to try. It states it’s a “brightening eye cream to fade dark circles.” The cream definitely brightens the eye area, but I wouldn’t say it necessarily helps fade dark circles. It doesn’t seem to do anything more than any other eye creams I have tried. However, I am still tempted to purchase the larger size as it takes 28 days in most skincare routines to see results, so that must say something about the product.

I hope you have enjoyed my first empties post, have a good evening :).