Payday impulse buys!

I thought I’d start off my blog with a payday impulse buy post. We all love payday, and these are the items that were just asking for me to purchase immediately.

(L-R Bourjois Paris cream blush, Bourjois Paris color boost, L’Oreal wave creating spray, L’oreal volume supersizing spray, Bourjois Paris bronzing powder, Rimmel London BB cream matte, and Bourjois Paris 123 perfect CC cream)

Bourjois Paris cream blush in shade 02
I have been using Bourjois cream blush in the shade 03 for the last year or so, and found the formula to be amazing so had to purchase another colour. These cream blushes are very easy to work with. Product easily picks up easily onto a brush (my favourite choice being a stippling brush). They then blend nicely into the skin, translating into a nice little glow of colour so to speak. The 02 shade is a coral colour, perfect for the Sping/Summer seasons.

Bourjois Paris color boost in shade 05 Red Island
Twistable lip pencils have been becoming more and more popular, and can be found in many brands. I have always wanted to try the Bourjois Paris color boosts, so payday was a the perfect chance, of course alongside a good old Boots 3 for 2. I have the shade 05 Red Island. The product is described as a “glossy finish lipstick”, with 10 hour stay power and SPF 15. The finish is most definitely glossy, but also very moisturising to the lips, always a great thing to find in a lip product. As to the ten hour stay, I’m not sure I can say the colour lasts this long. However, it did last about 4-5 hours, even with eating and drinking, before needing a top-up. I am impressed with this product, and will definitely consider purchasing some other colours; my eyes are on you Orange Punch.

L’Oreal wave creating spray
I have to admit I haven’t actually tested this product yet, it was a pure impulse buy on the spot. The product is part of L’Oreals new studio line, and is described as a “wave creating spray”. It states “heat activates waves on straight hair.” I have fine, relatively flat hair so this instantly appealed to me, but will the product live up to its aims? I shall have to let you know shortly.

L’Oreal volume supersizing spray
The first thing I have to comment on is oh my god this product smells gorgeous, which is completely unexpected. I have only used the product briefly so this is only my initial views. The product is again part of L’Oreals new studio line; it states it “gives backcombed volume & instant matt texture.” When using it I have found it instantly provides volume as described, providing my hair with a great uplift. The disappointing part was I didn’t find the product to last all day. As I said this is only an initial opinion so I will continue using and experimenting, perhaps try setting it with hairspray.

Bourjois Paris bronzing powder in shade 51
This made my purchases for the main reason that I wanted a matte bronzer. It also has a resemblance to a chocolate bar, what more could a girl want? I have it in the lighter of the two shades available: 51. It is the perfect shade to help contour my face in a subtle manner, whilst still defining certain features of my face. The formula easily picks up onto my brush, and has good staying power. I have been wearing it everyday since purchase, and by the time the evening comes the bronzer is still visible.

Rimmel London BB cream matte in shade light
Rimmel London BB cream matte is a 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup that claims to 1)minimise the appearance of pores 2)even skin tone 3)mattify 4)control shine all day 5)smooth 6)soothe 7)conceal dark circles 8)help prevent blemishes and 9)give all-day coverage. That is a lot of promise from one bottle, however I have been impressed by the product, much more than I was expecting. The cream is a light product that instantly sinks into the skin, and does seem to present these promises on the skin. The coverage may be light, but it does cover unwanted blemishes and last all-day. The only promise it doesn’t fully show is covering my black circles fully, but then they are naturally quite bad annoyingly so I just add a little bit of concealer on top. As to lasting power, on a 12 hr day I unfortunately didn’t find the product to last a day. However, with the simple addition of my primer the product does and all the promises are fulfilled amazingly. It also contains SPF 15, perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons. This has been my go-to base since purchasing, and if you’re looking for a BB cream I definitely suggest you try this.

Bourjois Paris 123 perfect CC cream in shade 31 Ivory
CC creams are a much newer product to the beauty market, with CC generally standing for colour correction. Bourjois CC promises a “luminous complexion & smooth skin” and 24hr hyrdation, with the addition of different colour pigments to help colour correct the skin. This includes apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness, and white for anti-dark spots. It also contains SPF 15. I have always loved Bourjois bases, so when I heard about this I had to have it in my beauty stash. Saying that, so far it hasn’t impressed me as much I imagined. Whilst I know it’s supposed to be light coverage, I didn’t find it to cover any blemishes at all really, nor did I find the base to last all day. However, I did try the base over a primer, so think I will carry on giving the product ago with and without a primer. I will let you know if I notice any improvements.

(From L-R Bourjois Paris cream blush in 02, Bourjois Paris color boost in shade 05 Red Island and Bourjois Paris bronzing powder in shade 51)