The mask I brought purely because it was chocolate orange….

I am a lover of Terry’s chocolate orange, so when I eyed up the Montagne Jeunesse cocoa & orange mask I instantly made the purchase. I like to at least attempt to try and give myself a weekly treat of one of the masks from my collection. This weeks one was the Montagne Jeunesse’s chocolate orange one.

The mask itself did actually remind me of melted chocolate. It comes out as a gloopy dark brown liquid.

As to applying the liquid spreads easily allowing an easy application to the face. I used my fingers, but another method would be with a foundation brush. You are then advised to leave the product on for 10-15 minutes. The mask doesn’t set onto the face which is something I suprisingly liked. It helps make removing the mask a tad easier. (No attack-rubbing on the skin to remove).

Does it work? I used this mask as more of a treat than for a particular purpose. But having said that, after using my face felt thoroughly cleansed and was lovely and smooth. If you enjoy treating yourself to a mask and love chocolate oranges this is a lovely mask that I suggest you try.

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been my birthday so been a bit busy but posts will be a regular thing from now on. My next post will be up on Thursday based on where to contour? Pop by and have a read, especially if this is something you have always been a bit unsure on.