The miracle mask – Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask

Yes, I have made a bold statement with the title of this blog post but this is one overnight mask that I was impressed with from day one.

The best way I would describe the product is as an intensive moisturiser to be used roughly twice a week alongisde your normal skincare routine. It is a thick cream that you lather onto your face after cleansing and toning etc. Overnight it is designed to “quench compromised skin with deeply satisfying moisture. Skin awakens refreshed, replenished, ready to face the day.”

So what do I think? Well, from the title I’m sure you can assume I am impressed by the product. After applying I notice immediate results with my skin appearing brighter, and feeling moisturised. After sleeping, this result is enhanced. I do feel my skins thirst has been quenched, and my skin is ready to face the day.

My only problem is the product is addictive, I tend to use it every other day most of the time. I haven’t found a night moisturiser I’ve loved yet so this probably doesn’t help.

But yes, definitely give this a go if you haven’t already. It is my miracle mask.