A mini Soap & Glory haul

I have loved Soap & Glory products for quite a few years now; it has definitely got to be one of, if not my favourite brand with regards to body care products. I just love love love them.

I was browsing Boots the other day as you do, and spotted they had a new range out: Orangeasm. The collection’s name is catchy using a play on words, which immediately drew me in. Then I saw the words “zesty-fresh & revitalising” suggesting fruity and summer. This meant Soap & Glory purchase time.

First to make my basket was the Soap & Glory Orangeasm body wash. I have previously used a couple of their body washes and have loved the formulas, moisturising whilst leaving a lasting smell, so this was an obvious choice for me. A slightly different body wash from the one I usually go for, but the new Orangeasm for me to try. Ahh, excitement.

The product describes itself as containing “skin softening, moisture boosting properties” so hopefully it leaves my body just as moisturised as I’m used to. It also mentions the product contains “exclusive MSUDS technology, triple tea antioxidant complex, ginseng & pinkpepperberry.” This suggests to me the this body wash not only cleans and moisturises, but it also helps get rid any excess dirt from deep within the pores. That’s got to be a good thing. I can’t wait to try this body wash.

Next up is the Soap & Glory super tonic fragrance, again from the new Orangeasm range. This isn’t a product I expected myself to buy from Soap & Glory, but the packaging looked so nice. A simple glass bottle, with the bright orange fragrance inside. I sprayed this and instantly fell in love. The only way I can think of to describe the scent is fresh orange, kind of like an orange smell mixed in with other zesty fruit smells, such as lemon and lime. The fragrance obviously matches the body wash, so will be great to use after showering to layer the fragrance up. I can see it being a perfect fragrance for hot summer days, and holidays

There happens to be a three for two across all Soap & Glory body products going on currently meaning I of course had to choose a third product. I could have chosen the final product from the Orangeasm range, a body butter but seen as I already have a massive collection of moisturisers to use I decided to choose something else.

The product I chose was Soap & Glory whipped clean shower butter. I normally go for Clean Girls body wash, and this product is from the same group so was a perfect alternative. I went for this over the body wash as I was intrigued by the formula, since when can you get a body butter in a shower formula? This shower butter contains over 25% moisture oils and butters. This sounded amazing to me, especially since my skin reacted the other week, and is therefore quite dry at the moment.

As to the product itself I have already tried it, and I only purchased it today. On first thoughts the first thing I noticed was how much thicker the shower butter was in comparison to a body wash or shower gel. But don’t let this put you off, the product easily lathers up and works perfectly well. You can instantly feel the moisture from the product moisturising your body as well as cleaning. On getting out the shower I was amazed at how smooth and moisturised my skin was, before even applying an actual moisturiser. I can see myself loving this product as a lush weekly treat.

So if you like or love Soap & Glory products like I do then head down and give the Orangeasm products a good whiff. As far as I’m concerned they are a brilliant new addition, and as I said perfect for the summer. If you haven’t tried their shower butter yet either give it a go, whether you suffer from dry skin or not I definitely think it’s worth a try. It has impressed me beyond expectations, and that’s only from one use.