Clinique All About Shadow palette – how to create a subtle smokey eye look?

Seeing as this has been my favourite palette since purchasing, I have started creating a variety of looks on my eyes. The one I wear the most, my favourite, has to be the the subtle smokey eye. And it all it takes to create this is four eye brushes and four simple steps that I thought I’d share with all of you guys.

No. 1: Lightly pat a basic eyeshadow brush on the second colour on your Clinique All About Shadow 8-pan palette. I like to use my Mac 227 brush, a brush slightly larger than your typical eyeshadow brush. Brush the eyeshadow colour all over the lids, and lightly up to the brow bone.

No. 2: Use either a pencil or an angular brush on shade 7. With this colour line your lid with the reddy-brown colour (black honey). This instantly opens up, and helps define my eye.

No. 3: Continue using your angular or pencil brush with shade 7, this time placing the colour in the crease of your eye. Also, shade in about a third of your lid, from the outer corner, with the eyeshadow as well. Next, pick up a blending brush and blend all the colours together.

No. 4: Go back to your basic eyeshadow brush, or use the brush end of the Clinique brush included with the palette. Grab some colour from the first eyeshadow (sugar cane), and apply this to the inner corner of your eye.

And, that’s it the look is complete. You’ll end up with a basic subtle eye look, that’s quick and easy to create those mornings you’re in a rush but want to do more than just swipe one colour across the lid.

There is an image above showing each of these stages; each number is parallel to the four steps I’ve just shared with you.

I hope you liked my tutorial, let me know what you think in the comments :).

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