L’Oreal Paris Self-Tanning Elixir review

The L’Oreal Self-Tanning Elixir is a tanning product from the Sublime Bronze range. Unlike other self-tan products, this one claims to last two weeks, and have no self-tan smell. It also states the end result will be a “natural-looking tan” with an “even application.” All of these claims and the offer currently on at Asda are what made me buy the product. Oh, and the product is designed for both the body and face… what more could a girl want?

So, what do I think? The solution is a golden colour with a slight shimmer and feels halfway between a liquid and a lotion. It is easy to apply and at first, you see no colour change. This is what develops over the course of I’d say roughly 8-10 hours. It initially smells like some kind of expensive lotion, but the smell soon reverts back to the typical biscuit self-tan smell sadly. The no self-tan smell is untrue.

However, don’t let this put you off. You basically apply the L’Oreal Paris Self-tanning Elixir three consecutive days in a row, and then that’s when the product lasts two weeks on the skin. After the first coat had settled the result really impressed me. I quickly had slight colour appear on my pale skin. The tan was natural and appeared relatively even.

Second application? Again it’s easy enough to apply and resulted in a darker colour on my skin. Any slight unevenness left from the first application had been removed leaving an even tan that looked healthy. I instantly received compliments.

However, this is where the problems started for me. I do suffer from eczema but I am normally quite lucky in that there isn’t really any visible signs and it shows up rarely, but this product brought up my eczema quite badly. I did think about skipping the review, but I was so impressed I thought I you all needed to know about this product still.

I didn’t apply the third application, but you can see the results I did get from my two applications below.

A week later? My eczema has calmed down and is starting to clear up thankfully. The tan is still visible and has only slightly faded so the tan does seem to last well. I believe the L’Oreal Paris Self-Tanning Elixir does provide a natural-looking tan with an even application and is definitely one worth considering. Just, if you have skin on the more sensitive side I would suggest a patch test first.

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