NOTW – Nails of the Week #1

As I love my nail polishes, and seem to change them on a weekly basis I thought I’d start doing a weekly nails of the week blog post to show you what I’m wearing.

This weeks choice is a Barry M choice in 295: Pure Turquoise. I wanted a light blue colour, but without purchasing. This meant searching through my massive stash of polishes. I came across this colour and thought it looked like the perfect colour.

Unfortunately it was a lot darker than I wanted. Weirdly, the colour looks light blue with my camera, but it is more of a turquoise colour. Still, a lovely summery colour that I can see being perfect throughout the Spring/Summer seasons.

Another point, this polish must have been one of my first nail purchases back a good 9-10 years ago from shopping with friends, so I didn’t know what to expect being this old. Amazingly the polish was still okay, it hadn’t dried out or anything so Barry M polishes definitely last well.

But, as you can see my nails are already starting to chip, and this was only a day after wear. I would have liked at least a few days, but one thing I do know is my more recent Barry M polishes do last a good 4-5 days before chipping. There formulas must have improved, so don’t let this put you off Barry M polish purchases.

What are you currently wearing on your nails?