Zoeva brushes review

So I needed a couple of eye brushes and the Zoeva brushes caught my eye. I have read a fair few reviews on these brushes recently, and didn’t want to spend too much. These seemed like the perfect in-between brushes, and cost me a mere £18.40 for the three brushes I purchased. I went for the 142 concealer buffer brush, 227 soft definer brush and the 316 classic liner brush.

316 Classic Liner Definer – I brought this brush to replace my eyeliner brush, that somehow magically disappeared. As I’m sure you can guess by the name of this brush, this brush is created to use with eyeliner. On first application I was beyond impressed. I used it with my MAC gel eyeliner, and it was literally so easy to draw a line along my eyelids. The line was lovely and close to my eyelashes, and looked great on first go. I can see myself loving this brush even more than my old MUA eyeliner brush.

142 Concealer Buffer Brush – I usually use my MAC small stippling brush to blend in my concealer before adding any eyeshadow, but was finding I needed a smaller brush to use alongside to cover any eyeshadow/mascara fallout, and for touch-ups. I chose this over a basic brush as I liked the sound of a buffing brush. Similarly to a face buffing brush this concealer brush blends in any concealer with ease creating a flawless finish. So far I am really enjoying this brush.

227 Soft Definer Brush – This one I brought to replace my old blending brush which I have had for a good few years now, and I wanted to replace. I had heard this was a dupe for MAC’s 217 eye brush and at only £5.95 I went for it. I am again impressed by the brush; it is easy to use, and works very well at blending out any harsh lines. I have also been using it to help blend a darker smokey eye upwards.

So, what do I think? Having used a variety of makeup brushes, including some MAC ones I am very impressed. I would say the quality is just as good, and the Zoeva brushes are available at the fraction of the price. These three brushes ranged from £5.50 to £6.95 in price. If you’re looking for some new brushes I would definitely check the Zoeva brushes out over at Love Makeup. Even the delivery was very impressive, with me ordering one evening, the products posted the following day and recieved the following day after that!