April Empties.

Another post on last month’s empties, what did I reach the bottom of this time?

First up is The Body Shop Cranberry Joy body butter. I puchased this way back in The Body Shop’s January sale, and have only just gotten to the bottom of it. I have loved their body butters for years as I find them to be really moisturising on the skin, and plus love the range of smells they do. This one obviously smells of cranberries, and is from their Christmas range, and a range I always seem to pick an item up from every year. I love how it surprises me how long the tub actually lasts, every time I purchase their body butters.

Boots Botanics All Bright cleansing toner replaced my regular Garnier toner since they changed the formula. I won’t say too much as I have recently reviewed the product, but it is basically an exfoliating toner. It helps encourage cells to reproduce quicker, leaving the top layer of the skin lovely and brightened, hence the range name. I have been loving how you really notice the effect with this product. Just remember if you pick this one up, the toner increases the skins sensitivity to the sun so make sure you’re using SPF.

Schwarzkopf biotin’ volume shampoo is a shampoo I picked up when it was first released on offer. I have heard good things about the brand, and wanted to switch my shampoo anyway so this was the perfect option. I find this cleans my hair ensuring it looks lovely and fresh. It does add a little bit of volume to my hair, but I wouldn’t say masses. What I love about this product though, is that I can easily get away with not washing my hair for two days rather than every other, if I need to be quick with my shower in the mornings.

Garnier 2-in-1 Express eye make-up remover was purchased purely because I needed a new eye make-up remover. I love how easily it removes all my makeup, even when I’ve gone a little bit heavy on the lids. However, I found this to leave quite an oily residue so it’s not one that I think I will be repurchasing.

Not that this is in the picture, but it was an empty I couldn’t just skip mentioning, I just lost the empty bottle. The Garnier Micellar Water is a micellar water I have been using on an everyday basis. I found it quickly and efficiently removes my make-up, but not only that, it’s nice to use as a quick freshen up in the morning. It feels like barely anything on your skin, and is my favourite micellar water which I’ve tried to date.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating moisture cream. I love the way this instantly brightens up my complexion in the morning. It has illuminating reflecting particles which help aid this, and no matter how many other day creams I try I always seem to go back to this one. I think this is my third or forth pot of the product.

Dirty Works eye cream. I won’t say too much as I literally reviewed this in yesterdays post, but I picked this product on a whim purely because I needed an eye cream and was in Sainsburys. I love how easily it sinks in to my skin, and has actually had an effect in helping calm down my dark circles. If you missed the full review, I will link it down below.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. A product raved about in the blogosphere, but this was actually my first purchase of the product. I love the way it instantly conceals my dark circles, my only problem with it is it’s slightly too light for my skintone, but not enough for me to not make a re-purchase. It definitely deserves the hype it recieves, especially considering the price is only just over £4.

Lastly is the Benefit Total Moisture facial cream. I purchased this in a samples set along with all the other Benefit skincare items, not expecting much but ended up falling in love. I use it as a night cream, and have been yet to find the perfect one, but I think I’m finally onto a winner with this one. It really moisturises the skin, and leaves me with a lovely bright complexion in the morning. Have you guessed, I like products that brighten my skin and complexion haha.

And that’s the end of last months empties, what have you used up recently?

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