Brush cleaning – where to start?

Brush cleaning, the one task of makeup that is so soo easy to skip out on. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

This was a task I used to forget and be lazy with. That was until I started buying some more expensive brushes. I wanted to look after them, and realised this involved cleaning them unfortunately. Just remember it does only take a few minutes when you do decide to do the clean. I’m going to provide a quick, simple guide I go by when I clean my own brushes.

To start with all you need is four things. This includes a brush cleaner – I like to use Johnson’s baby shampoo as it is gentle on my brushes, whilst still giving them a thorough clean, a cup/container of some kind, kitchen roll and your brushes of course.

4 simple steps:
1) Place a pea size amount of shampoo/brush cleaner in your cup, and top this up with luke warm water.
2) Start washing your brushes. Gently swirl them around in the water until the brushes turn to it’s original colour.
3) Squeeze any excess water out of the ends of the bristles by lightly squeezing them together. Dry off the ends with a kitchen towel, again your can lightly swirl your brushes on the towel.
4) Leave them to dry overnight, and they will be fresh and ready to use again in the morning.

Yey for clean brushes, so how often should you be cleaning them? I’ve always gone with the basis of every two weeks, but if you miss a week I wouldn’t worry too much. I normally wash mine every three-four weeks.

The only other point I would like to make about brush cleaning is a daily brush cleaner is a great investment to use inbetween washes. If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a brush cleaner that you just spritz on your brushes, dry them off, and they are ready to go instantly – voila.

Do you clean your brushes regularly? What do you normally use to wash them in?