Caudalie Divine Legs, could this be the perfect alternative to fake tan?

Caudalie Divine Legs is a tinted body moisturiser, and a great alternative to your typical fake tans. I think I might have explained before but I seem to be allergic to the DHA’s in fake tan, the key ingredient to creating that gorgeous tan, meaning I can’t really use them unless I want my skin to flare up. With that in mind I decided to purchase the Caudalie Divine Legs on a complete whim. I had been looking at the product on and off for a while, but wanted to try a sample size before investing in the full size.

LookFantastic describe the product as “enveloping skin in nourishing moisture to give legs a luminous, golden glow.” I couldn’t describe Divine Legs better myself. The product feels like it lightly moisturises my skin, whilst adding a hint of colour. My skin is left slightly darker, but it is probably more subtle then say a fake tan, with the addition of a slight glow. I have photographed the before and after below, weirdly the right leg is before, and the left leg the after result.

The only thing I wish, is that this product was more long-lasting; it washes off in the shower. However, the product doesn’t fade throughout the day, and the effect stays until you decide to wash it off, and even then washes off easily not leaving your skin streaked or patchy in any way.

So, what do I think? I love this product, and more than that, that I’ve managed to find an alternative to fake tan. Yes, it doesn’t last as long as some tanning products but 1)it doesn’t have the typical fake tan smell, and 2)my skin likes this product, so definitely a winner for me.

Also, even though the product is called Divine Legs it can actually be used all over the body, not just on the legs. I will definitely be purchasing the full size once this sample is all used up.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical fake tan, then this could be your one. A full 100ml size can be picked up for £26.00, and the sample 25ml size for a mere £7.00.

What do you like using to give you that summer glow?