Lazy day tag

Seeing as it’s a Sunday today, I thought the lazy day tag would be a perfect fit. I’ve been working the last two Sundays, so I am hoping this one is a tad more lazy. I spotted this on a new blog discovery of mine, over at Louise Robertson’s blog.

1) Hair products? If I’m being lazy this will pretty much involve me either popping my hair in a bun, or clipping it off of my face. I might pop a bit of dry shampoo through my hair as well.

2) Makeup products? If I’m staying in and not really doing anything I probably won’t bother with makeup, just a simple cleanse and moisturise. If I was to pop any on, my essentials would have to be some kind of base, concealer and some mascara.

3) Outfits? This depends on where I am, either trackies and a top, or just some leggings and a top probably.

4) Tea or Coffee? None, hot chocolate lol. I have tried many of times, but can’t seem to convince myself to like coffee in any format. Teas okay, but still prefer a hot chocolate, with marshmallows and whipped cream :).

5) Snacks? Chocolate and cookies, anything that’s bad for me?

6) Pampering items? On a lazy day I love to have a nice hot bath, pop a face mask on and probably paint my nails.

Ahh, and that’s the end of it. I hope you are all enjoying your lazy Sundays, and reading about mine. I tag everyone reading this post.