Ah, so I’ve just painted my nails ready for this weeks nails of the week. My choice had to be Rimmel’s violet swizzle polish from the Sweetie Crush collection. It was a difficult choice between a nice Spring colour and this one, but I haven’t tried this since purchasing and really wanted to see what the result was.

As the name suggests this nail polish collection leaves a look of crushed candy on your nails, in whichever colour you choose. It actually looks pretty cool when applied. This one is a gorgeous glittery lilac colour on the nails with a hint of pink. It kind of leaves a bumpy texture, which must be the crushed sweets representation.

I actually love the result, and will definitely looking into purchasing the rest of the collection, especially the blue version (which was the colour I was supposed to purchase in the first place, oops). It is another perfect nail polish for the Spring season, with the extra added touch.

This week I also finally purchased the Seche Vite fast dry top coat, so will be interested to see if it does actually make a difference to the chipping/lasting time on my nails.

What’s on your nails this week?