Sping/Summer haul

Now the weather is finally starting to get brighter, and the sun is out longer I went on a little shopping spree for a few new bits for the Spring/Summer seasons, and thought I would share it with you guys. It was mainly an online order from New Look, but also includes a few bits I’ve picked up recently in town.

I thought I’d start with the essential every girl needs to own – sunglasses. I have been stealing my boyfriends rip-off Ray Bans recently constantly, purely because the shape suits my face perfectly. They aren’t too large, something I find many sunglasses to be, and weirdly suit me. Unfortunately I can’t afford a pair of real Ray Bans so have been on the lookout for a dupe. This was when I found this pair, they are pretty much the same size and style to the ones I keep stealing. What’s better is they only cost me a mere £1 from Primark. I really liked the colouring on these ones as well. It’s a mix of Spring colours all placed together, perfect for those sunny days.

The first clothing item that I just had to have was these black skorts from New Look. I have wanted a pair of skorts for a long time, but it was a case of finding a pair that not only fitted me, but I also loved. This was when I finally eyed up these skorts in my size. I tried them on and fell in love immediately. I’m a bit iffy with wearing shorts, but these are lovely and light weight, without clinging to my legs. I think they will be perfect as it starts to properly warm up; being black they will also go with anything. They cost £17.99, and come in a range of colours. I really want the coral pair as well, but haven’t managed to track them down in my size as of yet.

These two dresses are also from New Look. I seem to wear dresses like literally all the time, and thought these would be perfect to add to my collection. The dress on the left costs £14.99 and is a skater style dress. I love the way it fits, and widens at the hips making my hips appear wider than they actually are, always a bonus.

The dress on the right also cost only £14.99. This one is of the bodycon style, and it was the colour that attracted me – I couldn’t resist. It helps make my fairly pale toned skin appear a tad more tanned, but I also think the colour would look perfect with a tan. The only thing I will say is try it on, as the dress is tiny compared to normal sizing, I had to jump a size up. I can see this being a firm favourite during the summer months.

The first top is simply a basic coral coloured strappy suntop. It cost me £2.99, again from New Look. The colour is perfect for Spring and Summer, and will easily brighten up any outfit.

The second top is from Primark. I really liked the colour and the detailing at the top of this top. It isn’t a style I usually go for, but I like the idea of just chucking this on with some leggings and a belt. It’s definitely a nice easy top to wear. I can’t quite remember the price, but I think it cost me around £5.

On to the last top, I chose this for the pretty detailing of flowers all over. It just adds that something extra. This was again from New Look, and only cost £7.99.

Hidden at the top of the picture is a gorgeous chunky beaded necklace. This costs £7.99 from New Look. I thought it would be the perfect necklace to brighten up any outfit. I absolutely love the coral pink and mint green beading, and can see myself popping this on continuously throughout Spring and Summer.

Next up is a complete bargain. These high-waisted cream-yellow coloured jeans I found in the sale in River Island for just £10. I brought these alongside some lush sandals also from River Island, which are featured in my last OOTD post. I love the pink detailing around the edge of the jeans, and think these will be perfect to wear on those slightly cooler days, paired with a crop top.

Ah, my last clothing and favourite clothing purchase of this Spring/Summer haul. This dress was from New Look. The top part of the dress features a fitted mesh design with sequins, the back part of this section is see-through mesh. The bottom part is slightly quilted skater styled. I wasn’t sure if this would fit me, but I am so glad I went for it as amazingly it fits me perfectly. I can see this being a favourite, constantly on me. It would look perfect with a dainty necklace, and a pair of sandals. As to the cost, this surprised me considering the design, it only cost £19.99. Another bargain I think.

What girls Spring/Summer haul can go without a few shoe purchases? I will start off by saying I am shoes obsessed, and could buy soo many, but these are the ones that made the cut this time.

I have wanted a pair of gladiator sandals for over a year now, but haven’t found any I really liked. This was when I spotted the pair on the left in Primark for £10. The colour is a muted coral, and the shoes also include a slight subtle wedge at the back. The other thing I love about these is they are so comfy to wear, even to drive in. Definitely glad I found these.

Next up is a pair of jelly sandals. I have actually had my eye on the Topshop version in pale blue but wasn’t sure on the price, when I spotted these on the New Look website for £14.99. They don’t sell a pale blue version, and my next favourite was these coral ones. They are of course plastic, and feature a heel at the back.

Lastly I needed a new pair of flip-flop styled sandals. I wanted a slip in pair, as I’m too lazy to be dealing with buckles constantly. These cost me £15.99 from New Look. I actually spotted these in Bristol a few months back and have been trying to track them down since, with no success. Then I saw them in stock online so had to make an order. They are nude coloured, and will be a perfect everyday wear that will match pretty much anything.

Last up in my haul was this suitcase purchase. It reminded me of one from River Island I saw a while ago, but about half the price. This cost me £14.99 from Primark, and was purchased to replace my broken mini suitcase. I can’t see it being big enough for a holiday, but I spend most of my weekends when I’m not working at my boyfriends and find a suitcase the easiest way to bring everything I want. It is quilted design, with an expandable handle. The suitcase also has that wonderful expanding zip section on it.

And, that is finally the end of my haul. I don’t normally find that much from New Look to buy (bar shoes), and as you can see a lot of my purchases were from there, and I have to say I am quite impressed, especially with the price.

I hope you have enjoyed this haul, and had a good bank holiday weekend. What have you purchased lately?

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