The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream Review.

The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream is a colour adapting BB cream that comes in four different shades for varying skintones. The Body Shop say “just blend for a perfect match and an even, undetectable finish.” They also say it “adapts to your skintone,” provides “light to medium coverage,” an “even finish” and “24 hydration,” whilst being “non-clogging.”
The first thing you will notice is that the BB cream comes out as a white liquid, not quite what you might be expecting. Within this is the colour-adapting particles that burst when the product is blended. I tend to place the tiniest bit on my hand and use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to blend the product in. I find it’s so easy to do, and the formula really does adapt to your skintone. So much so, that I did take two photos of swathes of the different shades I have, but you couldn’t really notice any difference so decided not to put them up. The swatch shown above however is shade 00.
The product feels light on the skin, and really does provide an undetectable finish. My skin appears more flawless, but also radiant – perfect for Spring and Summer. It does provide a lovely light to medium coverage, with the only place I need to add concealer being under my eyes really. It does feel moisturising, but I do still use my daytime moisturiser beforehand. I also haven’t noticed my pores clogging up when using this product.
So, what do I think? I absolutely love this product, and it has been my go-to base for a while now hence the two shades. I can get away with both even with my pale skin, and love using the darker one when I want to add a bit more colour to my face without bronzing. If you are looking for a BB cream for the summer, this is definitely one worth considering.
What’s your go-to base in the summer months? Have you tried The Body Shop’s All-in-One BB Cream?

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