The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter Review

The Body Shop Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter* is a product I received way back when it was released, but only something I have recently been loving. I used it a couple of times around the product’s launch, but didn’t think much of it. Recently I really wanted to try a cleansing balm, and instead of purchasing I decided to give The Body Shop’s one a go. Turns out I love it, and wish I had realised this sooner.

The Body Shop Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter is described as being “an indulgent makeup remover for the whole face.” It claims to “gently melt away makeup, leave skin feeling clean and petal-soft, remove all types of makeup,” whilst still being “suitable for sensitive skin.”

This is pretty much what I would expect a product of this nature to do. I use a pea sized amount and just rub this between my fingers, before massaging the butter all over my face. I can immediately feel and visibly see my makeup disappearing. I love this, as I know the product is doing its job. I use either a damp muslin cloth or a damp flannel to lightly remove the product off of my face. My skin is left feeling both amazingly clean, and amazingly soft. It’s something I’ve never experienced before, but then again this is my first cleansing balm/butter I have tried. My skin feels instantly moisturised, before I’ve even used a moisturiser.

As to the sensitive skin claims, my skin is relatively sensitive and I have had no irritation whatsoever. The camomile cleansing butter contains community fair trade camomile, which is great for sensitive skin. It is mild, and has a light slightly flowery scent to the product.

So, what do I think? As I said originally I really wish I had tried this product sooner. It has been my regular cleanser for nearly a month now. I love how clean, fresh and moisturised my skin feels after using it.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly cleanser but want to try something different, I definitely suggest you give this product a go. Have you used it before? What are your favourite cleansing butters and/or balms?