The easiest eyeshadow application yet – Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Sticks


I’ve wanted to try some eyeshadow sticks for a while now, namely the By Terry Ombre Blackstar, but I didn’t really want to pay the £28 they cost. This was when the Rimmel Scandal Eye Shadow Sticks caught my eye. I thought at a mere £4.49 it didn’t really matter if they turned out to be not what I wanted.
The Rimmel Scandal Eye Shadow Sticks are described as “high impact colour shadow stick, high impact cream shadow sticks that applies in a flash.” That, they most definitely are. The shadow pencils apply like a dream, quickly covering my lids in literally a few seconds. They are easy to blend, but are also fine without blending. The colours are high impact, bold, quickly transforming the eyes.
As to how long the shadow sticks last, I have found them to be very long-lasting. I can easily get away with wearing the shadow sticks for a full 8 hour day with no signs of creasing. 
I currently own three shades; Bluffing, Blamed Blue and Rose Gold. I’d describe Bluffing as a light golden brown colour, the perfect everyday shade. Blamed Blue is a bright light blue shade with the odd speck of glitter – I love using this as an eyeliner colour on the top of my lids. It transforms a basic eye look instantly. Rose Gold is actually from the slightly newer shade collection by Kate Moss. It is a pure gold colour that’s great at awakening the eyes.


Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Sticks in shades from L-R: Bluffing, Blamed Blue, and Rose Gold.
So, what do I think? I love the ease of the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Sticks, I never understood what people meant when they said eyeshadow sticks were so quick and easy before but they really are. These ones last really well, and are definitely worth the price. My only slight fault is they’re not twistable meaning you need a jumbo pencil sharpener which for some reason I found hard to track down, but at £4.49 a pencil can you really complain?
If you like the idea of an easy application, I definitely suggest you pick these up. They are currently on offer for only £3.49 so even cheaper. And P.S. Superdrug sell a dual sharpener, with one end for jumbo pencils if you do pick some up.
Have you ever tried eye shadow pencils before? What do you think of them?

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