The No 7 perfect base, and a Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua dupe.

Two products I have wanted for a while and finally gave in. The first is the No 7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer, a primer that I have seen a few reviews on over the last month and made me really want to try it myself. The second is the No 7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation, a light coverage foundation that I have heard is an amazing dupe for the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.

The No 7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer is a product that I have read a fair bit about, and I’m glad I gave in to purchasing. No 7 claim their “lighter-than-air skin perfector enhances skins radiance and minimises pores. The no-colour formula blends in seamlessly, smoothing away imperfections to leave you with a beautifully even complexion, while sill allowing your skin’s natural beauty to shine through.”
This all sounds amazing, providing the product does what it says. When you squeeze the product out you find a creamy-beige product, that feels slightly silconey. This texture reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional. When applied to the skin you instantly notice your pores decreasing in size, it really is noticable. My skin appears far smoother and completely even, with radiance still shining through. Another thing I noticed was how soft and silky the product feels on the skin. It’s actually quite nice, and once applied you don’t actually feel like you’re wearing anything on your skin.
I am loving this product, my skin looks amazing when using it. As to stay time, the beauty enhancer lasts all day, keeping all it’s perfecting qualities intact. I believe it is a great primer, but can also see it being great on it’s own for those days you just don’t want to be wearing any makeup. It is also hypo-allergenic.

The No 7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation is the product out of the two I had heard less about, then as I was searching for the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua a few posts came up mentioning the No 7 foundation was a great dupe. I thought this would be a great way to get an idea of what the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua was like, plus the No 7 version is about half the price.
No 7 describe the foundation as “non-stop complexion perfection. Life-proof foundation with up to 24 hours wear, for a super-natural, flawless complexion with a barely there feel.”
Again this all sounds amazing, and is similar to what I have heard about the Chanel foundation. The No 7 Perfect Superlight foundation comes in a similar designed packaging, a light plastic bottle that’s easy to transport. When you squeeze the product out it feels super-light, it definitely has a water-based texture to it. I do find this product completely perfects my skin whilst still looking natural. I wasn’t expecting to love the foundation, but I really do. I can’t feel the product on my skin at all, it does appear super-natural, and I feel like my complexion is pretty flawless. I am in love, and this has definitely made me want to invest in the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua even more, especially to see if they really are a dupe.
Again the product is hypo-allergenic, so perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, or who suffers from allergies to certain products. I believe it is the perfect base for summer, especially as the product is not only light, but still provides great coverage. The No 7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation also contains an SPF 15.
So, what do I think? I love both products, and can see them being firm favourites for a while. I love how light they both feel on the skin, and that they actually do what they are described as doing. The only thing I haven’t tested is the 24 hours foundation wear time, as I would never keep it on for this amount of time, but it has lasted very well on a full day. I think they work perfectly together, and are definitely my perfect base at the moment. 
Have you tried this No 7 foundation? What are your favourite light bases for Spring and Summer?
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