Sample testing; hits or misses?

How many of you end up collecting thousands (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration) of samples, and don’t seem to get round to using them? I know I do… but I have been trying to sort my room out lately, and this includes my beauty stash. Therefore, instead of going straight out to purchase a new full size product if I have a sample, the plan is to use that first. Here are a few of the deluxe samples I have been trying lately. I will be writing a short review on each product followed by whether it is a hit or miss for me.
First up is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. This is actually a product I wanted to try a while back due to how famous it is. It is basically a light lotion that brightens up the skin. I find it fairly similar to my favourite The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Cream, but on the more liquidy size. You only need two pea size amounts to easily cover your entire face and neck. Unfortunately unlike The Body Shop’s one I found this lotion to leave my skin so so shiny, even visible after makeup. I would say this is definitely one for the drier skin types, as it felt heavier on my skin than what I like and didn’t really sink on leaving the extremely shiny finish. My verdict: MISS.
The Melvita moisture-replenishing night nectar is an interesting product. It comes from the Melvita brand, a certified French organic brand definitely worth taking a look at if you’re after natural products. I have tried a few products from their range, and have loved some, others not so much. The night nectar contains rose extract, which helps restore skins moisture. I found this product did exactly that, but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the smell so can’t see myself finishing or purchasing the full size of this product. However, if you like orange and rose smells this could be an amazing product that you might just love. My verdict: MISS.
The Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion is one that I have been really enjoying. I have found the texture to be slightly thicker to what I am used to, but this just makes the product feel more luxurious. It gets rid of any excess residue left from cleansing, and awakens my skin. I’m not sure on paying the full price of this product but this is definitely one I could see myself happily using. My verdict: HIT.
Ahh, the Elemis freshskin skin clear mattifying moisturiser is the sample I turned to after not enjoying the Clinique one. This is my first product to try from the Elemis brand and it is definitely one I have been enjoying. It is nice and light on my skin, and sinks in easily leaving a lovely mattified finish. I find this a perfect base for me to start applying my makeup. The only thing I’m a little unsure on is the smell, it’s slightly odd but luckily not too noticeable after a few minutes. I can definitely overlook this for the great product it is. My verdict: HIT.
The Nars Illuminator in Orgasm. I mentioned this a while back, and my conclusion is the same – I love this product. I like mixing it in with my base, and find it provides the most lovely glowing base. It isn’t shiny or oily either, a definitely plus point. Weirdly, I have just finally got hold of the full size so can finally not be scared to finish this one up haha. My verdict: HIT.
The Clinique High Impact Mascara I have been pretty much using every day this month, and most of last month as well. It has the perfect size brush that simply does the job. It isn’t massive, something I’m not a fan of, and adds length and volume – the two things I look for most in my mascara. This is one I can definitely see myself purchasing the full size as soon as I have worked my through my mass mascara samples. My verdict: HIT.
And lastly, the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion. I actually received this alongside my NAKED palette all the way back in December, but as I don’t really use eye primers I just hadn’t got round to using it. Having given it a go lately I have noticed a difference, especially when using my cream eyeshadow offerings. It stops them creasing and ensures they last all day. I don’t think it makes any difference to my powder eyeshadows, as they generally seem to last all day on my lids anyway. I can see this deluxe sample lasting me a fair while too. My verdict: HIT.
So, out of seven deluxe samples I have found myself loving five of them. I am quite impressed, and will definitely be attempting to work my way through the rest of them.
Have you found yourself loving any products through deluxe samples you have recieved? I would love to hear which ones have made you want to purchase the full size version.
Don’t forget to check back Friday when I will be sharing my very first Sephora haul.
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