Bleach London hair crayon review.

Bleach London’s hair crayon is a form of hair chalk designed to add a bit of colour to the hair in one quick easy step. The colour is semi-permanent, and one which washes out. All you have to do is simply colour your hair in!
I found the process so easy to do, even if it’s not perfectly straight it isn’t really noticeable. I loved how easy this was to apply, but I did find I needed to sharpen the pencil a fair few times to cover the amount of hair I wanted.
As to the colour I purchased the shade ‘bruised violet’ and found it to be a vibrant fuschia-purple. When it is first applied the colour is intense, and sets instantly. I didn’t happen to have hairspray on me at the time but the colour stuck to my hair with ease. It also didn’t stain any of my clothes or bed sheets, so defintely a winner there.

The picture below shows my initial result from using the hair crayon; please excuse the photography (I didn’t have my camera to hand, so used my iPhone front camera for this one).

As to lasting time, the colour doesn’t fade until you wash your hair. After one wash I found the colour to stay but fade into a pale pinky colour. I actually quite liked the effect it left. After washing a second time, the colour was completely gone leaving me with my natural hair colour.
So, what do I think? I love how quick and easy these Bleach London hair crayons are to use, but wasn’t so impressed with how quick the pencil weared down and needed sharpening again. I would definitely consider picking up a few more colours though, they are only £4.00 after all.
Have you tried any hair chalks before? How did you find them?
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