Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects Redness.

Clinique are a brand that I hadn’t delved into much until this past year, and boy do they keep impressing. The latest product to catch my eyes is the Clinique Superprimer in Colour Corrects Redness.
This colour corrects redness superprimer is part of a larger superprimer range which caters for different skin concerns, from redness to dullness to discolourations, Clinique have you covered. There is even your basic universal primer within the range.
Clinique say the Superprimers are a “lightweight, oil-free primer” which “creates an ideal makeup canvas.” I defintely agree with this claim. When you first squeeze the primer out you are greeted with a rather thick product, but don’t let this scare you. It sinks in rather quickly and you are left with the lightweight base Clinique claim. The fact it’s oil-free is something which would probably overjoy those with oilier skin types. As to the ideal canvas, I’ll move on to that in a moment.
The offering of the Clinique Superprimer I went for is the yellow one, specifically designed to colour correct redness. It really does, and it does this instantly – see the picture above for the amazing proof. With all of my redness covered, this really does create the perfect base for makeup. 
So, what do I think? I love how this product does exactly what it says on the tin. I also love how it doesn’t just cover up my redness for the first hour after applying, but all day. When wearing this primer I really don’t notice any redness popping through.
It is definitely a product I am sure I will repurchase at some stage having completely used up this one, but for now I am loving a No 7 one.
Have you tried any of Clinique’s Superprimers before?
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