My top five must-have brushes.

Every day I reach into my brush collection when I’m applying makeup, but there are some brushes I just couldn’t live without. Today I am going to tell you about my five must-have brushes.

First up is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. A cult favourite, but one that is definitely worth it’s status. This is the brush that persuaded me to start using a brush to apply my foundation again. It makes foundation so easy to apply. It blends it in seamlessly leaving a perfect flawless finish.
Next is another from the Real Techniques brand, it’s the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This is a brush I wasn’t expecting to love, and thought I was doing just fine without, but now it’s one I don’t think I could live without. It is the perfect size to get under them cheekbones and create that defining shadow. It also works well all over the face, and is great to blend out if anything ends up too harsh.
Another face Brush is one from NARS; I’m not sure on the exact name of it but it is a mini blusher brush. It came with my Narsissist cheek palette. This one I love due to how easily it picks up product, yet it never seems to be too much. It is soo easy to apply the right amount of colour to my cheeks with this. On the go it also works well at being a multi-purpose brush for contouring, blusher, highlighter, and even powder.

The last two brushes are eye ones; the two essentials to my eye brush collection. First up is your basic eyebrow/mascara brush. I actually purchased this one off of eBay for just under £2 as I didn’t see the point in spending much more for basically a mascara wand. This one does the job perfectly. It instantly brushes out my brows into the shape I desire, and is one I use without fail every day.
Lastly is the MAC 227 large fluff brush. This is one I hadn’t heard of until I spotted it on the MAC website and decided I needed to have it. It is rather large, but that makes it perfect for applying your base shadow to all over your eyelid. It makes it such a quick task, with minimum blending needed. It really does create a flawless finish. It also works great at adding a second colour by using half the brush, and blending out any eyeshadow if needed.
So, these are my top five must-have brushes… I’d love to hear what your favourites are? Do they include any of mine?
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