Piz Buin Tan Accelerating Oil Spray Review.

 The Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Accelerating Oil Spray, (what a moutful), was featured in my June Favourites and I have to say it is still a favourite of mine, and I think my favourite sun protector I’ve used so far.
The Piz Buin Tan Accelerating Oil Spray is said to “enhance natural tanning” as it contains Melitan – a peptide that has been proven to actually enhance natural tanning. Piz Buin also say it is supposed to be “fast absorbing and non-greasy.”
I picked this product up after seeing the words ‘tan accelerating.’ I am a pale girl who struggles to get a tan, but guess what, this year I actually did get a decent tan whilst I was on holiday the end of June! And, I swear it is all down to this product.
On first use I noticed the fact the bottle was a spray bottle, so definitely quick and easy. I love this form of application, and did find the product to be relatively fast absorbing, but not instant. I’d say it takes about five minutes to sink in after application. As to being non-greasy it is greasy to apply, albeit it is an oil, but as soon as it has sunk it the greasy feeling is gone. The only thing I will say is do not put it on your face, nightmare haha.
So, what do I think? I love this product, I love how easy it is to use, and how it pretty much does what it says it will do. I even purchased the one with SPF 30, and stupidly I worried it wouldn’t work. It clearly did, and also kept my skin protected. I didn’t burn once on my body when using this spray. It also smells gorgeous, I can’t describe it but in a nutshell it definitely smells like summer to me.
If you haven’t given this a try, and struggle to get a tan I definitely recommend giving this a try. I love the product so much I even picked up the Piz Buin Ultra-light Face Fluid the other week.
What is your favourite sun protection? Have you ever used a product from the Piz Buin range?
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