Reverse Washing? – with a difference

The big debate of reverse washing? Does it really make a difference? Read on to find out my opinion on the topic.
To start with I’ll describe to you my hair, it is very thin but there is lots of it. This means it knots really easily, but it also lacks volume. Lately the knotting problem has been getting worse, with new knots forming all the time, and to be honest driving me insane.
I had been using a conditioning hair mask of some kind roughly once a week, but was finding that this made a difference initially, but not on the long term. I have been hearing of reverse washing, using a conditioner before your shampoo, more and more regularly. I decided I would try this but in a slightly different way to the basic reverse washing. I have been using a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair instead of a basic conditioner, and wow have I noticed an improvement.
I tend to pop the hair mask on as soon as I get in the shower, wash myself then rinse it out, and follow with my shampoo. I have been doing this for two to three weeks now and the result is just amazing. My hair is not constantly knotting, but not only that it isn’t getting greasy so quickly! What more could a girl want?
So, what I think? I love washing my hair backwards. I have definitely noticed a difference, and I was getting to the stage that I didn’t think this was possible.
Have you tried the whole reverse washing thing? What’s your opinion?
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