Life update.

So I mentioned a couple of posts back that my lack of blogging was due to being very busy in my life, with a lot of changes happening so I thought I would provide a little update.
I had been looking for a full time job for a few months in Southampton, and suddenly I actually managed to get one which meant the start of everything for me. I previously had a job at The Body Shop – a job I loved, but there wasn’t any jobs going in Southampton and that’s where I wanted to move back to, where I went to university. So I now have a full time job with guarenteed hours (and commision) at EE. My dream is still PR, but I am really enjoying my new job that’s got me to Southampton.
This new job meant me moving cities and moving in with my boyfriend Luke. But, we needed a flat and now I could actually do this, so the hunt began whilst I temporarily moved into his studio flat. This also means that I have half my stuff in my home town and half my stuff in Southampton. 
We found a flat, actually a really nice one with seperate kitchen and lounge area as well as obviously a bedroom, bathroom on hallway in the city centre. The countdown began, and guess what; yesterday we actually moved into our flat. Sooo exciting.
My first proper flat not including my student ones, and I only left university a year ago so I’m pretty damn happy to be back here and impressed to be moving out again. The flat is also unfurnished, another job but so nice to design and create our own little place. So expect some interior posts haha.
In case you’re wondering our flat is the one one the left in the picture, the upstairs window.
We won’t have internet immediately so there might be a delay in posts, but I’ve planned a couple showing you the products I’ve been using up the last couple of months. My laptop is still broken so I am currently stealing the boyfriends laptop. 
As I mentioned I hope to be back posting by the end of the month properly, but I feel better now I’ve explained why I haven’t much. I love having my own blog, and people actually reading it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my update, and enjoy your weekend :).
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