Flat interior decoration

First of all… I’m back, still laptop-less but with internet and all moved into my brand new flat with my boyfriend. I thought I’d start off with a basic post on some of the favourite things we have purchased to dress up our flat.

 We have a gorgeous fireplace in our lounge, and I love the way these vases instantly add a homely touch to the flat.
The candles are just basic ones from Ikea, but we chose them due to our theme in the lounge. They are blue, and have a light fresh smell to them. The only thing I will say is how the smell really doesn’t seem to spread and fill the room – I definitely will be purchasing a couple of Yankee Candles come payday.

We have continued the vase theme in the bathroom, with the addition of these cute little ornaments from our holiday in Italy earlier in the year. There are 4 fishes and four dolphins, and I love how they fit a bathroom theme perfectly.

A simple cactus, but one that is red that just adds that extra touch. Again this one was themed to match our theme, this time in the kitchen (everything is red). The cactus is from Ikea, and we have matched it with a red flower pot also from Ikea.
That’s it for now, but I’ll be back finishing off my empties post, the second half tomorrow at 9:45 UK on Friday.
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