Mid-week favourite no 5: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Ahh, it’s time for this week’s mid-week favourite; this week’s has to be… the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara… a mascara made of dreams.
When I tried their False Lashes mascara a while back, I honestly didn’t think there would be one to beat it but then I found the Miss Manga mascara, another mascara from L’Oreal. The result is just wow.
The mascara is designed to create mega volume on both the upper and lower lashes. The brush itself is a thin cone-like shape that brushes along every single lash with ease. This leaves them thick and long, with plenty of volume.
From researching a little bit into the product I have found the formula is what creates these amazing lashes, of course alongside the brush. The formula is made up of enlarging collagen spheres that exasperate the natural lashes into fuller, more pronounced ones.
I love this mascara and can see this being a favourite for a long time. 
L’Oreal are definitely top of the game when it comes to mascaras in my eyes.
What are you loving lately? Have you tried this mascara from L’Oreal? 
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