New Year Resolutions.

 New Year resolutions aren’t ever something I take too seriously, or to be honest really make any. You see, I’ve never really seen the point, I’m not sure why but never have.
I guess you hear of all these people making resolutions and not sticking to them, such as going to the gym and then just clogging up the gym not really doing anything. I think this puts me off haha. I do need to start toning myself again however, but all of mine are all general ones to be honest. I’ve decided to create five resolutions that are realistic for myself.
Firstly and mainly, I want and need to just stop worrying about silly things. I’m a girl and we all worry but I swear sometimes the things that worry me personally the most are just unneeded and daft, so I’d love to be more carefree with my worrying if that makes sense haha.
Secondly save! Save, save and save! I recently saved up to move out relatively easy, but now I have more things to pay for I need to think about this more. I’m very careful with having enough money for everything but I can be carefree with the rest of my money. Saving would be amazing, and saving money in order to own a house sounds even more amazing.
This links into my third resolution of clearing my university overdraft. When I started university I had very little savings and coming from a poorer background I knew money would be tight which meant me using my overdraft. I’d love to have this entirely cleared by the end of 2015.
My forth is to blog more, and blog consistently, posting at least twice a week. I love blogging but working full time sometimes leaves a lazy Kristy. I would love to grow my blog more, and believe two posts is something that’s manageable for me whilst still giving me plenty of time to chill with my boyfriend and friends.
My fifth and final resolution is to get back into pole dancing. I started pole dancing in my final year of university and absolutely loved but have only done it a few times since, but it really is a great sport and a great way to tone up and something I’d love to do more of.
 Have you made any resolutions for 2015? I’d love to hear them :). P.s. have an amazing new years everyone and see you in 2015!
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