You Beauty Discovery December 2014 review

 For those of you who don’t know Youbeauty Discovery is a beauty box subscription you receive on a monthly basis at a mere cost of just £6.95 including postage. Each month, you get to choose two products from a specific theme. Alongside this you also receive two additional items; one normally a food/drink item, and the other being some form of a beauty product.
This month’s theme was ‘party prep’ and consisted of nine products to choose from that you would typically use when getting ready for an everning out. I chose the Wilkinson Sword Sensitive Care Shaver, and two mini dry shampoos by Colab. I also received a chocolate Lindt rabbit and two samples… A Lindt rabbbit for free, isn’t that something we all want?

 Firstly I went for the Wilkinson Sword Intuitiom Naturals sensitive care shaver. This shaver is designed to leave your skin irresistably smooth, and of course hair-free. Additionally it contains a gently creamy gel to not only care for your legs whilst shaving, but also after shaving by gently moisturising them. I haven’t actually tried this product yet but I can’t wait to give it ago. The fact it is designed to leave my legs moisturised after use has definitely intrigued me. 

 My second choice had to be these recently released dry shampoos from Colab. I have only heard things about these products since their release, and they seem to definitely live up to that claim. The main difference to these and your average dry shampoo is the scent, these have a far more welcoming scent. The Rio scent a lovely contemporary smell that leaves a subtle clean scent behind. As to the London scent, this one also smells lush but this time fruitier, leaving behind a tropical scent. I don’t know about you but not being able to smell the usual dry shampoo smell is definitely a bonus.
A lot of people have also commented on how these dry shampoos by Colab are less white when sprayed than other dry shampoos. I have never really found this a problem myself, but I have noticed that these don’t leave behind any residue. They definitely mix in with my hair easily.
Overall I would have liked a few more choices as the two products I selected were the only ones which really took my interest. However I can’t complain at the products I received and I would definitely say they are worth the £6.99 I paid for the beauty box. The shaver itself is worth £6.99 at full price.
What do you thin of the products I received? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?
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