2014 Beauty Favourites.

Throughout 2014 I have definitely further built my beauty collection, trying several new brands. I think my favourite discovery has to be the brand NARS. I had barely used their products the beginning of this year… now there are several that are all-time favourites of mine. Anyway here go’s to my favourite beauty products of 2014; be warned it’s going to be a lengthy post.

The Laura Mercier foundation primer has got to be one of my favourite finds of the year. I found it through a beauty box which I pretty much purchased purely for this one product but didn’t expect to love it so much. However, it amazed me. The primer has a texture half way between a cream and a silicone feel; it glides onto the skin with ease leaving a smooth and somewhat perfected base. I also find wearing this primer ensures that my foundation lasts all day. In short, I love this primer and if you haven’t tried it already you need to get your hands on it this year – it will be so worth it.


As to my favourite foundation this was a hard one, I have so many favourites but I went for the one I’ve used the most all year round, Revlon’s Nearly Naked. This foundation always leave my skin looking flawless but natural, and also works perfectly mixed with other foundations. I love how light it feels on my skin and can definitely see this one being a firm favourite throughout 2015 as well.


No questions asked the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer was always going to be my favourite concealer of 2014. It’s the best concealer I have ever found and deserves the hype it gets more than anything. It is a multi-tasking concealer that works under the eyes, to cover up spots and also to cover up any redness. The formula blends in perfectly with the skin, the light formula helps this. And to top it all off whenever I wear this concealer it lasts all day on my skin!


Powder is a relatively new product in my beauty routine, something I’ve only started been using for the last 18 months now. The Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot is one powder that has stood out to me in that time. It is light, easy to apply and keeps any shine at bay. I am near to hitting pan on this one and will most likely be picking up another one once I’ve finished up any others I already own. Definitely another one for you guys to try.

The L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara is a mascara I haven’t stopped loving since I first purchased. It instantly lengthens your lashes and adds volume to this providing the false lash effect. The mascara comes with a comb-styled brush which prevents any clumping and helps keep the lashes seperated. I love this mascara and can’t wait to purchase my next tube.


Brow Product:
2014 was definitely the year of experimenting with brow products. I started off loving the Sleek brow stylist until it became inpossible to get hold of leaving me trying more products. I have always found powder products annoying but one day I decided to bring back out this Benefit Brow Zings and loved how natural it looked. I don’t tend to use the wax but love how easy the powder is to apply. It is incredible long-lasting as well once set with a clear gel, and the best thing is I can’t seem to use the product up. I have been using it constantly for the last five monthhs and have barely created a dent in the powder. If you’re unsure on the wide range of pencils available I would definitely suggest giving Benefits brow powder a go. A product I really can’t see myself ever falling out of love with.


This was an extremely hard favourite to pick, I was so tempted to cheat and go for an entire palette but ended up going with the one I have used constantly since it’s release. The Rimmel Shadow Stick in shade rose gold had to be the one. The shadow is so easy to apply, but is also incredibly long lasting too. This particular colour also seems to make my eyes seem bluer, an extra benefit. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I have to sharpen it, but that’s just me being lazy haha. They really are a brilliant product from Rimmel.


The NARS Laguna Bronzer is a product I adore, and one I constantly picked up throughout the whole of Spring and Summer hence the empty product. I only haven’t picked up another as I am trying to be good and use up some of the products I already have. As to the NARS bronzer itself it is the perfect matte brown that compliments many skin tones. I find it is both amazing at being used for contour and as an all over bronzer. The bronzer is amazing, and the only one I have ever found myself to love and use constantly. Writing this has made me realise how much I need to give in and make the purchase.


A product that cost me a £1 and I expected to be rubbish but is actually pretty damn amazing. The MUA blusher in Cupcake is a browny-pink coloured blusher that instantly brightens up any complexion whilst still being natural thanks to the brown tones. I brought it as I thought it looked like a dupe for the Nars Douceur blusher which I have been desperate to try forever now. I can’t comment as I haven’t obviously tried the Nars one but from swatches it seems fairly similar to me. The only bad thing about this blusher is it doesn’t last a full 9 hour day, but it does gradually fade and for a pound it’s not something I’m going to complain about.


Ahh, this was tight competition between this NARS Devotee highlighter and the MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter but I think this one tops it due to the amazing finish it leaves. This product literally leaves my skin glowing when worn, and is one I get complimented when wearing all the time. I love how easy it is to apply without being overdone, and additionally how long-lasting this product is. One that I rarely see mentioned but is a definite winner from NARS.


No surprises here if you’re a regular reader on my blog… of course it had to The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in shade 17. A gorgeous coral colour that adds so much to your makeup look. It really is a wear it every day shade, and my ultimate go-to colour throughout the whole of 2014. It is lovely and moisturising which is a nice bonus as well. 


Makeup Brush:
Another stand-out product from 2014 which was an easy favourite; the Louise Young LY34 foundation brush. This was one product that was hyped about in the blogging world, and as soon as I got my hands on it I could instantly see why. The large brush not only applies foundation with ease, but also blends it amazingly leaving no brush marks at all. The size of the brush itself just creates a speedy application process – I can apply my foundation in under a minute using this brush, it surprises me every time. This brush is definitely worth it’s price tag and another one I suggest you try this year if you haven’t already given it a go.


Bath/Shower Product:
Oh my god I know this is a Christmas special edition shower gel but I am in love, and just wish I had brought a mass supply. The smell is insane, and smells literally like you’re in a Lush shop. It not only fills the bathroom with the gorgeous smell, but the smell lingers on your skin for ages after. I am not sure how to describe it but if you picked up one I am sure you understand what I mean. If this had been available all year round I can 100% say I would have been using it all year round – it is just divine!

Hair Product:
I always find hair products a hard one to note my favourites, I tend to change them frequently and find my hair seems to get ‘bored’ of products after a period of time, however this is one product I can say my hair has loved since first use and I think I have gone through four tubs of the stuff now. It is an Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask and has transformed my hair in more ways than one. Since using I have found my hair to be consistently knot through and to look much healthier and shinier. It is definitely a product to try, especially if you’re hair is lacking a bit of TLC.

Face Product:
The Body Shop Nourishing Night Cream has definitely got to be favourite skin product of 2014, and one that I have gone back to repeatedly. It is a relatively thick cream, but sinks into my skin with ease. I always wake up with extremely fresh looking skin after using this. Even after immediate use my skin seems to appear plumper; it is definitely a product I can’t see myself stopping using.


This was another easy choice, in fact I need to get myself one a new bottle ASAP. The Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDP is definitely a scent that comes across as a sexy and extremely feminine. It kind of has a smokey scent to it, but go and give it a whiff it is a gorgeous scent, particularly perfect for evenings out or date nights. And look at the bottle, how cute can you get? Plus there’s a diamon shaped lid that goes with it.

  Wow, well if you got to the end of that you did well and thankyou for reading haha. An extremely long post but one I wanted to make sure I shared with you all. I love reading everyone’s favourite products.
What have your favourites been in 2014? Is there any particular products that stand out?
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