Glade Winter Scent Candles.

Have you ever tried a Glade candle? Not exactly the brand you would usually buy a candle from is it?… but before I start, one comment; they are actually amazing!
Back a month or so ago I hadn’t tried one myself, then I spotted the cosy apple & cinnamon scent and fell in love. I spotted the scent in ASDA on offer, had a sniff and that was that.
With regards to the candle itself I think it’s hard to find cheaper candles with scents that actually spread, and create an aroma around the whole room – but these one’s do. They also come in gorgeous glass candle bowls (if that’s what you call them).
And not only that I spotted the whole winter collection in the sale for a pound, yes one pound, in ASDA so had to pick up a few more.
I went for another cosy apple & cinnamon seeing as I had already used up my original one, winter white and blackberry frost. The first scent is a very warming one, whilst winter white is a fresh, clean scent, and blackberry frost is a fruity scent that reminds me of a flower for some reason.
I can’t wait to try my two new scents and relight the cosy apple and cinnamon candle. There are three more scents to the collection from what I could see, so if you are a candle fan and spot these I definitely suggest you check them out :).
Have you ever tried a candle from Glade? What’s your favourite candle brand?
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