The final tweek of blog modifying, and a new logo.

So today I had a day off and had a go at creating my own logo, a new, more professional one to go with my new design. This resulted in me finding the website DesignMantic which was the easiest logo designing website I have found to date. It allowed me to create and personalise a logo exactly how I wanted, but with a lot more ease than I was expecting.
All I had to do was type in my blog’s name and an extremely wide selection of ideas arrised. There was even a beauty section. I found my favourtie design and then tweeked it to perfection for my blog.
The final logo is below:

 I stuck to the purple them but found my newer design needed a bit of tweeking. I decided to create a more neutral coloured background, with a very light purple tinge. I believe this blended in with my logo better. 
I also modifyed the individual blog post background, and decided to do a bit of HTML editing to move my page links bar to the top of the page.

I am in love with the final design and think I’ll be sticking to this, so don’t worry about my design changing again haha.
What do you think of the final result? And my new logo?
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