28 blog post ideas.

Blog post ideas are one of my favourites to read; they always trigger ideas on what I could do my latest post on. This on my mind I thought I would do my take, giving you 28 of my blog post ideas, 28 because there’s 28 days in Feburary so an idea a day for you.
1. Mid-week favourite – one item, what have you used the most and why? Perhaps a mini review would be beneficial to your readers.
2. Brand focus – what’s your favourite products from a particular brand? What products to you think are their best ones?
3. Category favourites – this could work for anything from beauty favourites like foundation favourites to stationery favourites to shoe favourites.
4. Beauty area – where do you put on your makeup, and why it works for you?
5. Blogging area – who doesn’t like to be nosey on where individuals work? Whether it’s from what laptop you use to how you display products for photos, we all like a little nosey.
6. Blogging love – whose your favourite bloggers? Love these posts, and a perfect way for your readers to discover new blogs.
7. Beauty hacks – what unexpected tips do you have? Have you found anything in particular that’s unique such as using cottons buds to fix any mascara smudges?
8. iPad/Android tablet apps – another nosey post, what apps can’t you live without? You could also do category focuses such as your favourite blog apps.
9. Cocktail recipes – what’s your favourite cocktail? Is it something different to the usual found in cocktail bars?
10. Advice tips to younger self – e.g. what do you wish you could have told your 16 year old self with regards to beauty?
11. Product review – using photo’s and text to explain your opinion on a product, does it live up to its claims?
12. OOTD – Outfit of the day, name says it all for this one.
13. Favourite five/ten pictures from the month – a unique way to share your month with your readers. It allows them to find out more about you.
14. Beauty repurchases – what products are there no way you could live without?
15. Theme wishlists/posts – perhaps a colour theme, what clothes/items do you wish you could have within that theme.
16. Hobby post – tell us more about yourself, what do you love doing besides blogging?
17. Bad beauty habits – what do you do you know you shouldn’t really?
18. How to’s – whether it’s a recipe to how to style your hair, these are always interesting posts to read and find. I’m sure they’re good for new people searching through search engines too.
19. Blog planning – how do your organise your blog, do you schedule posts? Do you use a calendar to post them?
20. HTML tips – through editing my layout recently I’ve started to develop my HTML tips further meaning I’ve been googling. If you know about HTML why not share what you know to help others?
21. Room/House tours – show people where you live if you’re comfortable with this, I’m sure people would love to see.
22. Monthly favourites – similar to mid-week favourite, just a wider selection of products. What have been your all-time favourite products for the month?
23. Top 10 places you would like to visit – is travelling your thing or something you want to do? Why not tell us more?
24. A limited budget beauty haul – what can you get within a price limit to create a full look?
25. Hauls – Can’t believe I nearly forgot this one, hauls are my favourites to read.
26. Dupes – have you found any dupes or more expenive products? Is it a product you believe your readers would love to hear more about?
27. Starter makeup kit – what products would you suggest to someone just starting out with makeup?
28. Skincare routine – what products do you use on a daily basis? How do you go about your daily skincare routine?
  There you go, 28 ideas complete! Hope you enjoyed this post and have found some new ideas :). 
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