Eva for Lover.ly new bridesmaid dresses!

*Lover.ly is a one-stop wedding binder in the clouds. They were founded back in 2012 by a one-time maid of honor and have now just released a special new collection designed by top Anthropologie seller Eva Franco; Eva for Lover.ly. The designs are made from luxurious textures from lace to jacquard to chiffon. I’m already in awe of the collection.
And I don’t know about you but I love a wedding, and when the lovely people from Lover.ly gave me the opportunity to share their new collection, I jumped at the chance.

 The first from the collection are these gorgous jumpsuits. I love how unique they are compared to anything you would normally find. Lover.ly have definitely gone out using the latest fashion trends to mix in with a more formal design. These would be perfect for the upcoming wedding season.

Up next is these carefully designed aqua green dresses using a textured design to create another unique look. These to me look like perfect bridesmaid dresses for a Spring wedding.

Leading on from the textured themed bridesmaid dresses are two more textured dresses, followed by my favourite dresses from the entire collection.

 Just look at that blue! How many weddings have you seen with bridesmaids wearing a dress this colour?
These would definitely have to be the dresses I’d want my bridesmaids to be wearing. I especially love the cowl drop cut on the back of the dress to the right. I love how the design is cut just above the knees creating a both elegant and sexy looking design.
Overall I am in love with these dresses, and believe they would be perfect for many girls. The way Lover.ly have created something completely different to the usual really shines through, particularly with the materials used.
I would definitely consider these for my own bridesmaids. To see the full collection click here.
Lover.ly has even more dresses available on their website alongside this brand new collection which launched yesterday, plus a really useful wedding planning tool. You just search and a range of wedding ideas through images come up. My favourite part is you can save these images. Check out their website by clicking here.
What’s your favourite dress from the collection? I’d love to hear your opinions :).
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